How Much Does It Cost to Replacement Jeep Gladiator Bed?

Jeep Gladiator Bed Replacement Cost

The bed is a distinctive element of cars. However, bed problems are one of the most common issues in Jeep Gladiator.

So you may wonder,  what is the Jeep Gladiator Bed Replacement Cost? The cost will include the bed fee as well as the installment fee. Besides, the bed price is not the same for all materials and car models. The cost of a bed ranges typically from $4000 to $14000.

We are going to discuss some vital details of Jeep Gladiator bed replacement in this article. Stay with us till the end and know the cost, DIY process, and more.

The Construction and Measurements of the Bed of the Jeep Gladiator

The bed of the jeep gladiator is so sturdy. This is because it carries heavy materials into the bed for transportation. Thus, you can say that the bed is made of strong and hard materials.

Usually, in making most of the pickup’s bed, steel and aluminum are the first choice materials because of their stiffness. But the question is, which material is used in the jeep gladiator bed? The answer is steel.

Sometimes, Aluminium is also used for construction. Aluminum beds make it easier to handle than before. Even if the bed is made of steel, Aluminium is used to construct the tailgate to save weight. Hence, considering all of the conditions, steel is the most preferable one.

Here are some of the cost differentiations of steel and aluminum beds,

Steel bed390-430$
Steel tailgate220-250$
Aluminum bed470-550$
Aluminum tailgate380-450$

On the other hand, the jeep left Gladiator’s bed with enough space for carrying your objects. Some people claim that the bed is more significant compared to other vehicles and pickups.

Therefore, people want to make it smaller and shorter to improve the angle of departure. Usually, the average length of the bed is five feet.

Here we mention some info about the measurements of the bed,

Bed length when the tailgate is closed60.3 inches
Bed length when the tailgate is open81.3 inches
Opening width at the tailgate50 inches
Wheel wells width44.8 inches
Bed depth (Floor to top)17.4 inches
Box width (inside the bed rails)55.2 inches
Box width (outside the bed rails)60.8 inches

However, you may complain that the bed is too much longer and has too much overhang. And if you don’t like the construction material, you can change the bed or cut it to make it short and suitable for your use.

Why Should You Replace the Bed of the Jeep Gladiator?

Generally, the room in a bed in a Jeep Gladiator is enough to carry almost all of your things. Besides, the size of the jeep and the bed is eye-catching for everyone. If the bed has gone through an unusual condition, you may want to replace the bed with a new one.

Additionally, the bed is made sturdy for heavy transportation. This initial construction of the bed may be unusual for you. Sometimes, the length and the layout of the bed are not perfect for you. In such a case, you can replace the bed with your preferred one.

However, a major problem can arise if the jeep is involved in an accident from the rear side. It will cause a wreck on the bed, and then you will have no option left without replacing it.

Jeep Gladiator Bed Replacement Cost

The jeep gladiator is a pickup-type vehicle that is famous for off-road performance. Thus, the alignment of the Gladiator’s bed is off. It points upward and reveals a bent frame.

This odd configuration may convince you to replace it with a new one. So, for this replacement, you have to spend a good amount of money.

In that sense, you have to collect information and understand the replacement cost of various types of beds before you step into replacing them.

However, as the vehicle is new to the market, the alternatives are limited. Only two systems are available now, they are the PCOR system and the decked bed system.

  1. In case you want to install the PCOR system, you will have two options in your hand.
  2. The first one is a tray system that will cost around $13,490.
  3. Another option is the canopy system, which is cheaper than the previous one. If you want to install this system, you have to spend $4,400.
  4. If you don’t like the PCOR system, you can choose a Decked bed drawer system. This system is the cheapest compared to others. Just pay $1500 and install a decked bed organizer storage system.

Besides, some upgrades may cost you a slight amount of money. Here we mention these too,

PartsUpgrade parameterCost
Bed rackCargo Rack- including base and rails$450-$800
Trail Rail systemEasy access to secure hook$300-$345
Roll-up Tonneau CoversProtect the Payload$150-$1000
Rubber bed matKeep the vehicle’s bed scratches free and dings and dents free$110-$175

Guideline of the Installation of Jeep Gladiator Bed

The pickup bed of the Jeep Gladiator is more than just a container for your stuff. You can transport your heavy objects and stuff easily by opening the tailgate fully or keeping the tailgate half hanging.

However, you need some tools for the full installment of the bed,

  • Clips
  • Bolts
  • Knobs
  • Wrench
  • Rack
  • Rails
  • Hard and strong folding cover
  • Screws and seals

Guideline of the installment,

  1. Remove trail rail system: In the trail rail system, there are many bolts present. You have to remove them first. Besides, The bolts are available on the passenger, driver, and the front side of the bed. Make sure that all of them are removed.
  2. Rack installation: For this step, the channels should be attached to the bed with the help of bolts and a wrench. After the attachment is complete, place the bed rack into the channel.
  3. Install vertical slats: In this step, you have to install slats on both sides.
  4. Attach the rack: Tighten up the rack to Jeep Gladiator.
  5. Attach support bar: The support bar must be installed and tightened with tools.
  6. Install Coiling bed cover: The place of the installment of the Coiling bed is the front of the bed.
  7. Install canister lid: The final step is to install the canister lid. In front of the bed, install this with the help of instruments.

As we mentioned before, the Bed is one of the vital parts of jeep and pickups. Before installing a new one, you have to keep in mind these things,

  • Some essentials that are necessary for bed installments. Such as a converter or lighting.
  • The primary purpose of the bed is to transport big items from one place to another. Sometimes, heavy items are transported. For this reason, the bed needs to be sturdy and strong. Make sure before installing the bed that it is capable of transporting heavy items.
  • The safety of the bed matters the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer some most-asked questions about Jeep Gladiator Bed Replacement.

Is the Jeep Gladiator bed affordable?

Yes, affordable. In the market, there are many options for choosing a bed. If you can’t purchase expensive materials, cheaper ones are also available.

Does the jeep gladiator have a 6 feet bed?

No, usually, the beds are 60.1 inches long. This length can fulfill all of your transportation needs. However, when the tailgate is opened, the bed turns nearly 7 feet.

What is the life expectancy of a Jeep Gladiator?

The Jeep Gladiator is well put up for heavy mileage and can last for almost 14 years if taken care of. However, while lasting 200 thousand mileage, it’s suitable for long drives and off-road adventures the most.


From the overall discussions, we can conclude that the replacement of the Jeep Gladiator bed is not a big deal. The Jeep Gladiator bed replacement cost and the installment depend entirely on you. You can choose an expensive or a cheaper one.

Besides the transportation of items, the bed makes the Jeep more stylish. Nonetheless, some people don’t like the size and arrangement of this. For a proper installment, visit a mechanic. Moreover, The upgrading price is also so handy.

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