How Much Does Jeep Emblem Replacement Cost?

How Much Does Jeep Emblem Replacement Cost

The Emblem is a Jeep identifier (for other cars, too) that talks about the Jeep model and year to distinguish itself from others. The emblem also increases the beauty and class of the Jeep.

Unfortunately, it is not immortal and gets damaged over time. The Jeep emblem replacement cost is around $20 to $100 for different models and styles. You can buy a suitable emblem for your Jeep based on your budget. Buying them online will add some additional cost for shipping, but you can get a discount for purchasing too.

Read on, and we will discuss the emblem replacement cost, its benefit, and the installation steps.

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Jeep Emblem And Its Location

An emblem is a logo that gives your Jeep identification about its origin, making year, and brand. Jeep loses its value without decals. You can find them on the Jeep’s front, back, or side. Its position depends on the brand and model.

Some of them can be found on the fender and bottom of the rear door. Driver and passenger side emblem is the model identifier.

The front grille is also ornamented with an emblem. Some owners adored the interior too. They put emblems on the steering wheel, glove box, or other places.

Chrome-plated material is mainly used to make emblems to increase durability. You can buy them easily If they damage or torn out. If you want to replace them, you can replace them.

Why Do You Need An Emblem?

Emblem does not directly affect driving but enhances your ride’s face value. The absence of an emblem is disturbing. Here is why you need it.

  • Besides making it easy to identify the car model, it increases the beauty of your vehicle. Many aristocratic owners add an emblem to magnify the look
  • Emblem secures your vehicle, providing recognition. For example, it is effortless to pick between two Jeep staying alongside. Moreover, the emblem makes model differences clear 
  • Emblem enhances the vehicle class and increases the resale value.

Jeep Emblem Replacement Cost

The cost of the total replacement of the emblem depends on its brand, quality, and from where you are buying.

If you want to spend less, you can buy them for $20, which is a lower limit. To buy a standard one, you have to pay $70. You can buy a premium or special one for $190. It’s available online and offline. Online shops offer discounts on special occasions, and you can grab that opportunity to save money.

Its installments are simple; you can save labor costs by doing it yourself. The table below will give you an idea of its price and compatibility. Emblem can be a model-specific or universal fit.

Image of emblemJeep modelName of EmblemPrice (Around)
Jeep Cherokee 2014–2018  Genuine Mopar Tailgate emblem$107
Jeep Wrangler 2020–2024Genuine Mopar Hood Emblem Jeep Trailhawk Dark gray with red outline$23
Jeep Grand Cherokee 93–95Jeep Grand Cherokee Emblem Logo Letters Badge Side Fender$30
Grand Cherokee WK 2011–2022Genuine Mopar Emblem Hood Jeep Chrome  $102
Jeep Cherokee 2014–2018Jeep Cherokee Rear Liftgate Nameplate Jeep Emblem$39
Grand Cherokee L 2021-2023Gloss Black Front Rear Jeep Door Rear 4X4 L Emblems$177
Jeep Cherokee 1976-1986Omix DMC-5451627 Emblem$22
Jeep Cherokee 2019-2021Genuine Mopar Emblem – Trailhawk Liftgate  $67

When To Replace Your Emblem?

The manufacturer badge is a sign of approval for vehicles. It can be located in a different position, like the front, back, or side of your vehicle. Generally, as a purpose of credentials making year, model, or specifications emblem is used. For Jeep, you can find “Jeep,” “Jeep Cherokee,” “trailhawk liftgate,” “sports,” or “Limited.”

If you find the following events for your Jeep emblem, you might need to replace it.

  • As a result of regular use, the emblem can be damaged and spoil the charm of the Jeep
  • Debris and dirt from the road get into it and damage the emblem
  • Unfortunately, it is an object to be stolen
  • Emblems also damage in case of collision or accident
  • Metal bases or ornaments can tarnish and become loose
  • Car washes and bad weather decrease their aesthetic appeal

How to replace the emblem?

Replacing an emblem does not involve critical steps. Still, you must be careful; otherwise, you may leave a scratching mark on the vehicle’s body.

First, identify the type of emblem and its position. You will find emblems on different sides of the Jeep. An emblem can have a screw system or can be sticker-type. Before starting the installation process, make sure you know about it.

To replace it, you will need a plastic razor, floss, cotton towel, and plastic interior pry tool.

Step 1

First, you need to remove the previous one. To remove it:

  1. Use a plastic razor and scratch the side cautiously.
  2. Don’t harm the body of the vehicle.
  3. If the emblem is attached through a screw, remove it with a screwdriver or use plastic interior pry tools carefully.

Step 2

Clean the previous area and make sure the area is clean and dirt free. To clean this area, a rubbing alcohol pad is a good choice.

Step 3

Clean the new emblem too. Some of the emblems need glue, or others may be screwed to be attached.

Step 4

Take the new emblem and peel off the back cover before attaching it. Attach the screw or stick it with adhesive backing.

Step 5

In the case of adhesive backing, Apply moderate pressure for 2 minutes to ensure attachment.

After completing the replacement, clean the extra adhesive where the new emblem is placed.


The emblem is an integral part and qualifier of Jeep.

Like everything, some factors contribute to its damage. Jeep emblem replacement cost is reasonable, so better to replace it without delay. One thing to check before buying is that not all emblems are universally fit. Some of them are customized fit.

It is changeable and replaceable. In this article, we attempted to highlight the Jeep replacement costs. This will help you to minimize costs and choose the right one.

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