How Much Is Jeep Liberty Heater Core Replacement Cost?

Jeep Liberty Heater Core Replacement Cost

Many issues, like evaporated antifreeze, overheating engine, etc., can happen due to Jeep Liberty heater core defects. Hence, replacing the heater core is necessary as there are no alternatives.

So, what does the Jeep Liberty heater core replacement cost? The heater core itself can cost around $50, and the whole kit will cost around $150. Nevertheless, the hourly labor cost, a minimum of $75, is included when you need a mechanic.

Understanding the signs of a failing heater core is important. Further, DIYing the process requires double-checking. Keep reading to know in detail.

Jeep Liberty Heater Core Replacement Cost

The price of the heater core only can be around $50. If you decide just to buy this and DIY, then this is the only amount you will have to pay. However, it will be a highly time-consuming and tiring task.

Moreover, it’s always the best idea to purchase the full heater core set. This includes O-rings, a  clamp, tubes, and an access panel. This could cost you around 150 bucks.

You can save a lot of time and energy if you want to bring some professionals to do the job. However, it won’t come for free.

The average hourly labor rate is around $75 which is location-dependent. And you might have to multiply it by 8. This will be added to the price of the heater core set.

Here is a table to make you understand the cost of the heater core replacement

Price of Heater(Approximate)Price of The Whole Kit(Approximate)Labour cost(Approximate)

What Are The Symptoms of A Damaged Heater Core?

Your Jeep Liberty will surely give some signs whenever there is something wrong with the heater core. Let’s discuss some of them.

Coolant Ouburst

jeep jk coolant leak

The first thing that happens whenever there is a leak in the heater core is coolant comes out through that leak. You can smell a nice fragrance inside your Jeep, which actually comes from the coolant.

The flooring of the passenger compartment will seem to be damp. This is due to the leaking coolant, which can eventually corrode the flooring.

The Cabin Won’t Heat As Expected

jeep wrangler heat blowing cold air

The next thing to consider is the heating situation inside your jeep. Jeep Liberty comes with a heating feature that can be controlled through a blend from the driver’s position. However, blower malfunction or blend problems can disrupt this heating feature.

If the above-mentioned causes aren’t present in your Liberty, you need to check the coolant in your engine. If this is also normal, then the heater core defect is the culprit. Mainly, a jammed heater core causes this.

Misty Windows

replacement jeep windows

Probably a terrifying symptom is foggy car windows after turning on the heating. The leak in the heater core lets the antifreeze agent come out as vapor generated by the heat from the core.

The fog, which is the vaporized antifreeze agent, is carcinogenic and can seriously harm the passengers who intake it.

Engine Heating Too Much

Engine Heating

The heater core takes heat from the coolant and serves it to the Jeep cabin. Hence, the coolant gets cool in the process. If the process is disturbed, then the coolant doesn’t get to cool down, and the engine overheats due to this. However, you should check the core to be sure.

Driving with A Defective Heater Core: Is It Safe?

It might not be a problem if you can manage short rides without heating your Jeep.

However, heater core damage causes coolant to come out and also not to cool down properly. This is not good for the engine in the long run. Overheating can damage your Liberty’s engine permanently.

Hence, if you’re considering a drive knowing this situation, make sure to inspect the coolant frequently.

Facts To Keep In Mind While Replacing Jeep Liberty Heater Core

Replacement is the only thing to do whenever the heater core is busted. There can be no ifs and buts. Properly installing the core in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning compartment is quite easy indeed.

However, what I will discuss now makes the process extremely challenging.

  • You will have to remove the whole dashboard after turning off the airbags.
  • There are so many wirings and sophisticated components in the dashboard, which can easily puzzle you.
  • Moreover, as you will be dealing with the air conditioning too, paying close attention to the piping will be crucial.
  • The next thing to be careful about is freon. Proper knowledge of freon and its disposal is necessary.

All these procedures and the installation can take up to fifteen hours, based on your efficiency. Hence, you should take the necessary precautions beforehand.

The following video would be helpful.

There are many forums these days that can dictate you with their ‘super easy’ methods but trust me; those are nothing but flukes. So, if you think you can deal with all these above-mentioned scenarios, then go for it. Otherwise, you can always ask a mechanic to do the job.


Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions and their answers:

How many hours does it take to replace a heater core?

Ans. If two well-equipped people are working together, then it can take 6 to 8 hours.

Will flushing a heater core fix it?

Ans. Flushing will unclog the heater core but if there are leaks, then it won’t be enough to solve the problem.

What is the purpose of a heater core?

Ans. Heater cores use hot coolant from the engine to warm the car’s cabin. Coolant circulates inside the heater core, as it does within the engine and behind the grille’s huge cooling radiator.

Final Thoughts

The heater core not only provides heat to the cabin but also keeps the coolant’s temperature to a minimum, which is crucial for the engine. Hence, any defect or leak in this part can cause harm to the engine’s cooling process, eventually damaging it.

Moreover, carcinogen leakage is another life-threatening issue to be concerned about. So, you have no other option but to replace it. If you can DIY, you can do it without spending. However, the process is very tricky and takes a lot of time. So choose wisely.

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