How to Adjust The Steering Wheel on Jeep Renegade: All You Need to Know!

How to Adjust The Steering Wheel on Jeep Renegade

The steering wheel must be adjusted properly for any car. Otherwise, this may cause severe safety issues. Jeep Renegade is not out of this.

So, how to adjust the steering wheel on Jeep Renegade? There is a steering wheel adjustable lever on the left side of the steering column. Press down the lever. Then you will be able to adjust the steering wheel near to you or far from you. You can also keep the steering at a low or high position as well.

That’s not the end. You can get an idea of why steering wheel adjustment is important. Also, common steering wheel problems are discussed. Walk through the guide for a clear explanation of adjusting the steering wheel on your Jeep Renegade.

Adjust The Steering Wheel on Jeep Renegade

How to Adjust The Steering Wheel on Jeep Renegade?

There is an option to move the steering wheel or make it closer to you or away from you. You can give the steering a higher position or lower position. The steering can be held according to your comfort position.

Steering wheel adjustment is an easy process. You can adjust it by following the steps below:

  • Find the steering adjustable lever. It is mainly situated on the left side of the passenger seat on the column of the steering
  • Press down the lever. Make sure that the steering is unlocked
  • Adjust the steering in a comfortable position. You should keep the space to move and accommodate your legs freely
  • Make sure you are sitting in a good position. The steering should not be in that position which can be a bother in driving time
  • You can move the steering up, down, toward, and away from you
  • After adjusting the steering, pull up or lock the lever again. Do not forget to do this step. An unlocked steering will change its position during driving

These are the steps to follow when you are positioning the wheel. The last step must be done. If there is any problem in adjusting, you can take help from an expert.

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How to Adjust the Jeep Renegade Driving Seat?

Adjusting the driver seat is also a must-do work before driving. You will not get a full driving position until the steering, driving seat, and car mirror are in the right position.

  • The seat controls are located on the outboard side either the left or right side of the seat
  • The seat control includes a bar situated under the seat. If you pull it up, you will be able to move the seat forward or backward
  • Two levers are present on the side. The big lever helps to rise or push down the seat. If you pull the lever up, the seat will rise. If you push the lever down, the seat will go down. The small lever helps to adjust the back seat. If you pull it up, the back seat will go away from the steering
  • There is a big knob on the side of the back seat. By rotating it the seat will come close to the steering
  • On the upper side of the big knob, there is a small knob. By rotating the knob you can increase or decrease the lumber support

That’s how you can adjust your driving seat on a Jeep Renegade.

What Are the Needs for Adjusting The Steering Wheel on Jeep Renegade

The steering wheel is related to safe driving. A discomfort position of the steering wheel can cause severe accidents. To avoid any occurrence, you should adjust the steering wheel. Three vital advantages of adjustments are:

To Press the Accelerator and Brake Paddles Comfortably

There should not be a disturbance to pressing the paddles. There should be a one-inch gap between the steering wheel and the legs. It is a standard measurement.

You can also keep less or more distance than one inch if that gives you pleasant movement. Paddling will be difficult if the steering wheel and your legs rub repeatedly. So, there must be a suitable gap between the steering and leg for safe driving.

To Give a Comfortable Position of Hands While Steering

There should be a gap between your upper trunk and the steering wheel. The driver should sit away from the steering. The arm’s position will be accurate if you give it proper space.

Avoiding crossing your hand while driving is a vital position to reduce unwanted occurrences. If the steering is not at a suitable distance, there is a high chance of making the mistake of crossing hands.

Side-to-side or one-hand movement of the steering wheel is the safest way to drive. These positions are only maintained in a wide space.

To Get A Clear Vision

The steering wheel itself sometimes obstructs the view of the road. If you push up the wheel more, then this problem may arise. It is important to get a clear vision of the road while driving. So, adjusting the wheel to the right position is essential.

These three factors make driving safe. If the driver sits uncomfortably, the risk of an accident will increase. The driver should place the steering wheel according to his height and body build.

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7 Common Causes of Hardness of Steering Wheel on Jeep Renegade

Though you can adjust your car, that does not mean the steering wheel will not bother you further. 7 common causes may bother your steering wheel with discomfort.

Cause 1: If There Is Low or Uneven Tire Pressure

Low or uneven pressure in the wheels can cause difficulty in the movement of the steering wheel. You have to put adequate pressure on it to move it.

Solution: Check the pressure of the tires. Make sure that the pressure of the front tires is equal. If there is more air, remove the extra air. If low, then add air until both tires are in equal condition. Do this process when the wheels are at normal temperature.

Cause 2: If There Is a Problem in Front Wheel Alignment

If the front wheel alignment gets any issues, the steering wheel is harder to move than before. The effect takes place gradually. There would also be problems like noise coming from the steering when alignment goes wrong.

Solution: This problem is hard to solve at home. It is better to go to an expert or a repair shop to solve this problem.

Cause 3: If Regular Servicing Is Not Done

If you are not checking your vehicle problems for a long time, steering-related problems could arise.

Solution: Servicing once a month can easily detect and reduce steering problems.

Cause 4: If There Is Low Power Steering Fluid

The fluid level can go low if there is any leakage. Steering fluid creates pressure and also lubricates the pump. With a low steering fluid, you can move the steering. But gradually, it can affect the pump and stop the steering system.

Solution: Check if there is any leakage or any loose connection present. Repair it. Also, check the fluid level after a certain period.

Cause 5: If The Power Steering Pump Fails

The power pump creates the required pressure to turn the steering wheel. If it fails to function, you must put more pressure on yourself to turn the steering. You will not get any required pressure from the pump.

Solution: A power steering pump is quite expensive. There is no way to repair it. The only way to solve this problem is to replace it.

Cause 6: If The Serpentine Belt Is Damaged

This belt is used while driving. The hardness of the steering wheel causes the loosening of the serpentine belt. Finally, the serpentine belt will damage or crack. That will cause the failure to drive.

Solution: Replace the serpentine belt when it becomes loose.

Cause 7: If The Steering Fluid Is Old or Thick

The steering fluid becomes thick with time. Thick fluid is unable to lubricate the steering system properly. That could cause pressure difference and stiffening of the steering wheel.

Solution: Check the fluid. If it changes its color and becomes dark, it becomes thick. You have to replace it with new fluid.


The procedure on how to adjust the steering wheel on Jeep Renegade is as easy as you think. If the wheel’s position comforts him, he must not adjust it. It should be adjusted if the position is a bother in the driving process.

Overall, adjusting the steering wheel is necessary to get a clear vision and a suitable position for the driver. Check the steering-related problems and servicing care regularly as well.

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