How To Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee USB Port Stop Working?

How To Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee USB Port Stop Working

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is designed to offer the best user experience while driving. The USB media hub is an essential accessory that provides gadgets connectivity and charging ports. However, being an electrical accessory, the USB port may stop working affecting your connectivity.

So, how can you fix jeep grand Cherokee USB port to stop working? Remove the F80 fuse and inspect if it’s blown. Inspect the electrical system powering the USB module for possible loose connections. If the port still doesn’t work, try rebooting the radio or resetting the software.

To find out how to fix the jeep grand Cherokee USB port to stop working, read the full article. You shall also be equipped with life hacks and tricks to do if your USB port stops working or charging.

Jeep Grand Cherokee USB Port Stop Working: Possible Causes

Before learning how to fix the jeep grand Cherokee USB port to stop working, we shall look at the possible causes of a non-functional USB port.

You don’t have to rush and have the whole USB media hub replaced; you can solve some of the problems yourself. Below are the possible reasons why your USB port is not working:

Possible causes for USB port stop workingSolutions
Loose wiring connectionRepair the naked and loose connections. Replace the broken wires and connectors.
Faulty or damaged USB media hubRepair accordingly or replace if damaged beyond repair.
Defective or broken USB cablePurchase new USB cables that are quality tested and approved.
A blown fusePerform a fuse test and replace if blown.
Broken terminals in the USB portReplace the terminals or the USB port.

How To Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee USB Port Stop Working?

The USB port is connected to the USB module on the dashboard and used to connect phones or charge electrical gadgets. The USB may sometimes fail to work. Below are scenarios that indicate faultiness in USB ports.

  1. The USB port fails to read or recognize cables and flash disks inserted into the port. The USB module reads no disk has been inserted, yet you have the gadget plugged in.
  2. Other users will complain that their gadgets are recognized but not charging. You may notice the port reads and recognizes the gadget but won’t charge it.
  3. In other scenarios, the USB module will not power on but displays a blank screen on the module.
  4. The USB media hub may also read unsupported files or documents. Others indicate error reading files.
  5. Though rare, one might have one port operating while others are not functioning.

These displays indicate a possible failure of the USB port that requires repair. To cover this section, we shall address each problem at a time. Follow the given guidelines for the sequential solutions.

1.  Blown Fuse

The fuse provides overcurrent protection for the USB medium hub system. In case of a power overload, the thin wire in the fuse melts, breaking the circuit; for such, the fuse protects the USB module from an overcurrent supply.

How do you test a fuse to determine if it’s blown?

Perform a fuse test using a digital multimeter following the guidelines below.

  • Remove the fuse from the fuse box under the car hood
  • Set the multimeter at the measuring point. Make sure it’s reading zero
  • With the two terminals exposed, attach the two end terminals of the multimeter and record the reading
  • Switch the terminals so that you can take the reverse readings. Record the new reading
Blown Fuse

How to fix a blown fuse?

If the reading is the same, your fuse is okay, and you need to progress on the electrical diagnosis of the system or any other possible cause.

The readings will differ or indicate OL on the screen for a blown fuse. Replace the fuse with its exact spare. Check the serial number, voltage, and current specification to replace it with the correct fuse.

Your USB media will start working without issues if that is the only problem.

2.  Loose Wiring Connection

If you replace the fuse but the USB screen is still blank, you must inspect the wiring connection. Loose connections are mostly a case of joint work.

Cables held together with masking tape have the highest chance of getting loose. Also, check for the terminal connections for corroded terminals and blocked ports.

How to inspect and fix a loose wiring connection?

Start from the battery to the USB module.

Since the battery supplies 12 volts of charge to the fuse, use a voltmeter and inspect the cables for 12V at different instances. If you record 0V at one point, check for a loose or open connection.

For terminal connections, check for corrosion and scrub it off or replace it with new terminal holders. Loose connections are typical for your jeep grand Cherokee using rough roads.

Loose Wiring Connection

3.  Software Problems

Most radio modules are programmed to serve for a certain period. Others get affected by viruses and foreign files on flash disks and phones.

You will often notice the USB port charging the connected gadgets, but they don’t recognize them or display a blank screen on the module. This indicates that the hardware is okay, but the software has problems.

How to reset/reprogram the software?

If you check for a blown-fuse or loose connection but find none, be sure to reprogram the software. Others may require you to run a few hacks to reset the radio.

Hack 1 – How to reset the radio software?

  • Set your jeep grand Cherokee on ACC mode
  • Press the green phone button and voice recognition button together for half a minute
  • Assume any voice notes or sounds you get till the 30 seconds are over
  • Release the buttons and put the car in OFF mode
  • Now open the driver-side door and keep it open for half a minute
  • Close the driver’s door and immediately start the vehicle. There you have your USB port reset

Hack 2 – How to reboot the USB software?

Just like a computer, perform a hard reboot of the software using the display volume and navigation buttons.

  • Press the volume buttons continuously for five seconds
  • Hold the tuner or browser button together for five seconds while pressing the volume buttons
  • Release all the buttons after five seconds and start the car. Your USB port will undergo a hard reboot

You can set the module as per your requirements.

4.  Broken USB Port Terminals

USB ports have the right way of inserting any device so that the terminals align without breaking the terminals. There must be a complete connection between the port’s airports and the terminals of the connected gadget.

Failure to properly connect the cables and external disks lead to bent or broken terminals. That translates into an incomplete connection.

You may hear other people mention their port being loose or having intermittent breakdowns and then reconnecting later. This is often common for people using rough roads.

Broken USB cables may lead to your USB port not working since the connection is faulty. Have the suitable cable in the proper condition.

How to fix broken port terminals?

Broken terminals cannot be repaired. The finger-like terminals are closely packed and delicate in design. Once they break, you have to replace them.

For the bent terminals, you can have them aligned, but I would still prefer you replace them. It costs about $5 to purchase a new USB port. Avoid inserting foreign objects into the USB port.

jeep usb port not working

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Jeep Grand Cherokee USB Port?

Having checked the possible causes of a faulty USB port and how to fix them, let’s see the cost.

On average, it will cost between $150 and $250 to fix your jeep Cherokee USB hub port. This cost may differ due to the model, problem at hand, your location, and the mechanic you hire.

If you have the skills to fix the problem using the above solutions, it will only cost you to purchase the needed parts and any other necessary costs. If you need to replace the USB hub, consider the following types for jeep Cherokee with their expenses.

Type of USB hubCost
1.     Mopar hub connector USB auxiliary 68323663AE$150
2.     Genuine MP USB Media Hub 68323663AE$147
3.     Mopar Hub SD USB Port Module No. 68323663AE$190

Have your manufacturer fix the problem or replace the USB hub for those with a warranty.


You no longer have to worry about how to fix Jeep Grand Cherokee USB port stop working. Follow the listed guidelines to fix your USB port for yourself. If your USB media hub doesn’t respond to these hacks, consider taking it to a mechanic for a check-up.

Avoid inserting foreign or damaged cables in the port to extend your USB port hub’s lifespan. Also, have the wiring connection safe with no loose or naked wires.

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