How To Install Hood Vents On Jeep Cherokee?

How To Install Hood Vents On Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee is a reliable lineup of the Jeep brand. But, it has some common issues that most users may face. Among them, overheating issues from beneath the hood are so common. You might not witness the issue, but sooner or later, you might witness the issue.

Installing a pair of hood vents is an easy way to get rid of this problem. So, in the article, I will provide an in-depth guide on installing hood vents on Jeep Cherokee.

Where to install the hood vents on Jeep Cherokee?

You need to find a proper area on your vehicle hood to install the hood vents to get the desired outcome. For this, you need to have the answer to the below two questions to find the proper location:

  1. Where is the heat the highest under your Jeep Cherokee hood?
  2. If the hood has a vacuum location, where is it located?

You need to find the highest temperature area and vacuum location and place the hood vents to get the proper outcome. You can use the vents at the end of the hood, which serves the best outcome.

What Need To Be Considered Before Installing Hood Louvers?

You should consider some points before installing hood vents to avoid further issues. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Select hood vents that allow plenty of ventilation. So the heat under the hood can escape.
  • The hood vents should eliminate the rain or snow from entering the vehicle hood. Otherwise, it can damage sensitive engine electronics components. 
  • Also, select vents which are pleasing to the eye to provide a better look at your jeep Cherokee. 

How To Install Hood Vents On Jeep Cherokee?

The hood vents installation process is so easy on Jeep Cherokee. If you already got the pair of hood vents in your hand, then follow the below step-by-step guide to learn the installation process:

Step 1: Measure The Hood Vents

Put the pair of hood vents above the vehicle hood where you want to install it. Then, use a measuring tape to check whether they are properly aligned. 

After proper alignment, take a tap and use it to attach the hood vents to the vehicle and stop moving while drilling. Measure again to ensure they didn’t move while you were taping. If you need any adjustments, then do it.

Step 2: Drill The Vents And Hood

You will notice a hole on all the edges of the hood vents. Take a drill machine and drill the hole vents as well as the vehicle hood. But don’t put the drill machine too far. Otherwise, vehicle components will get damaged. 

If you are worried about pushing the drill bit too far. Tape up the bit to the desired length and add a few wraps to bump-stop it when it hits the hood.

After drilling, feed some stainless hardware that comes with the kit through the holes. Then, open the vehicle hood and secure them with bolts. If everything works fine, remove the bolts and close the hood.

Step 3: Cut The Vehicle Hood

Remove the hood vents from your Jeep Cherokee’s hood. Then, you need to mark a half-inch line inside the holes. After proper marking, take an angle grinder and cut through the marking line. Also, don’t forget to smoothen the edge to avoid cutting yourself. 

Step 4: Coloring The Vents

Now, open the vehicle hood, check any remaining exposed metal, and cover them using a leaking seal. Then, color the vents according to your vehicle color combination. Also, you can color your vehicle’s hood for proper matching with the hood vents.

Step 5: Attach The Vents

After coloring the vents, put back the hood vents on the vehicle hood and secure it with the vehicle hood using the nut and bolts. This means you are finally finished with the installation process. 

NOTE: Proper measurement is needed to do this procedure correctly. So, always measure twitch cuts once. Also, open the vehicle hoop and place a cover-up on the engine for easy cleaning.

Do Hood Vents Work On Jeep Cherokee?

The hood vents or louvers aim to reduce the underhood temperature of the Jeep Cherokee. They fulfill their aim if you can install them in a proper place. 

How Do You Waterproof Hood Vents?

If there is heavy rain in your area and you are thinking of making the hood vents waterproof, then the easiest way is to use painter’s tape. It’s an inexpensive way to make hood vents waterproof and doesn’t harm the paint of the vents.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Hood Vents On Jeep Cherokee?

The installation cost will depend on your vehicle model. Generally, you need to spend between $70 to $400 to get a pair of hood vents. If you do the process from an auto repair shop, the labor cost will be added according to your location.

Final Words

If you notice the overheating issue from the underhood, you need to take a step to eliminate them to protect engine components. Also, if you can reduce the temperature beneath the vehicle hood, you can eventually increase the vehicle’s performance.

You already know the easiest way to cool down the area is by installing the hood vents. So, I hope the above guide will help you learn the hood vents installation process on jeep Cherokee and decrease the area’s temperature. 

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