How To Open a Jeep Renegade Trunk from Inside? An In-Depth Walkthrough

How To Open a Jeep Renegade Trunk from Inside

In specific instances, opening the Jeep Renegade trunk from the inside could be difficult. In such a case, how to open a Jeep Renegade trunk from inside?

It is possible to open a Jeep renegade trunk from the inside in such a situation. You have to take steps according to the lock scenario. If everything fails, you would go for the ‘Security Handle’ and open the trunk from the inside.

To unlock a trunk from the inside, if it becomes locked, you should first find out the causes and then take the appropriate actions. It would also be fine if you kept the finest preventative with you.

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Open a Jeep Renegade Trunk from Inside Using the ‘Security Handle’

If you need to open your trunk quickly, do so from the inside. All you need to do is figure out where the ‘Security Handle’ is. In the eventuality of an unmatched case scenario, it is an incident-response option.

New editions are coming and will undoubtedly be released as the car develops. You must bear in mind that the location of the security handle on the jeep may vary depending on the model.

We will now quickly go on to discuss some specifics regarding the hardware, such as possible locations for this, and how to use this security feature to unlock your trunk.

Security Handle Location:

To unlock the tailgate’s trunk lock, you must get into the Jeep’s rear seat and remove a protective cover from its center. A handle would probably be present. Although it differs from model to model.


If you pick a model that supports such a system, where you can discover an overall locking mechanism that includes all of your car doors and trunk, you may be unable to close the trunk unless you lock the car.

How to unlock from inside:

After removing the lid, you’ll notice a handle. This is the final choice that you will select. When you pull it, you will be able to open the Jeep’s trunk from the inside.


If your vehicle has an overall lock system, you must keep the cover and everything else in place to ensure the security of your trunk; otherwise, neither the door nor the trunk will be secured.

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Understanding the Lock Scenarios of a Jeep Renegade Trunk

To open a trunk lock, you should first find out the cause of the lock. You will be able to save time and money if you know the best possible lock circumstances.

The trunk can be locked for a variety of reasons. The lock might have technical issues, or the lock might have some other damages. But always keep in mind, the different cases will require different solutions.

These are some of the best-case scenarios:

Damaged Lock Connection

It’s possible that force or shocks were used to sever the trunk lock’s inner wirings. The materials inside or outside may exert extremely high pressure, which might cause it. For a Jeep Renegade user, it is among the most typical situations.

How do you know that this has occurred to your Jeep’s trunk? If this happens, your outside handle would act strangely or your backlights might not be working properly.

Possible Solution

In this case, it is better to consult with a mechanic who has expertise in fixing this. But you may try to open it by pressing the button and pressuring it.

The Trunk Lock is Blocked

Due to the fact that electrical equipment should be utilized regularly, it is usual for those who haven’t used theirs much to have a jammed trunk lock.

If this occurs to your Jeep trunk lock, your key won’t be turning. If you push firmly, you could also spin, but the door would still not open.

Possible Solution

Consider using lubricant to make it more fluid. It might make it more effective, and you might get something from it. Or resetting a fresh lock could work better in the long run.

The trunk latch malfunction

Essentially, it is a mechanical problem at its core. A motor that generally assists in locking the trunk door is located inside the vehicle’s trunk. This lock cannot be opened if the motor has mechanical issues.

It needs to be detected sooner. Because neither the trunk nor the door will be locked when it occurs.

Possible Solution

Consider consulting a mechanic as a potential remedy.

Bug in Mechanism

If the internal programming is flawed, the mechanism will not provide the intended outcome. As a result, the signal encoder won’t receive or transmit any answers to the trunk lock, and the trunk door won’t open.

It’s important to be aware that there might be a flaw in the mechanism if the button doesn’t function and the doors don’t either. Other response systems could also act inappropriately.

Possible Solution

In such a situation, you may go outside and attempt to physically push the door—of course, in the wrong manner.


It could be any other unexpected issues or might be something like a fabric blocking the lock, or the wire could be losing so the lock answered inconsistently, or something that is out of the above-mentioned case scenarios.

All of our potential attempts have already been discussed. Act in accordance with your comprehension of the situation. Accept mechanism bugs; you are tasked with resolving all other types of problems.

Carrying The Best Prevention

Experts often advise that to avoid an unwanted circumstance, you should be cautious and have access to tool packs and specific equipment on hand. It is not too expensive, but it is really useful in this scenario.

Keeping Access tools and Airbag

It is highly beneficial and convenient to maintain some access tools on hand at all times so that you can avoid tight situations with fewer hassles.

If your vehicle becomes locked and you cannot unlock it from the outside. Airbags and access tools may be useful for unlocking from the inside.

You may learn the use of access tools from the following video.


All in all, a quick understanding of the lock case scenarios will help you to resolve your Jeep renegade trunk problems.

Jeep Renegade is a vehicle, and everything involving mechanical or electrical operations will be fraught with uncertainty. Since everything was built with backups, it is best to take everything easy. Opening a Jeep Renegade trunk from inside is never an issue to worry about.

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