How To Replace Jeep Liberty Windshield Wipers?

How To Replace Windshield Wipers on Jeep Liberty

Windshield wipers are very important to ensure safe driving, especially in rough weather. Long usage, road grits, droppings of birds, excessive change in temperature, and even UV-ray can cause a substantial amount of damage to the wipers. And replacement is the option as these parts cannot be repaired.

So the question is, how to replace Jeep Liberty windshield wipers? You can easily do it by following the steps like taking the wipers towards the mid part, lifting the holder clip, removing the old blades, connecting the new ones, and properly locking them. The process needs to be repeated twice.

Proper maintenance is important for wipers. Moreover, there are signs of worn-out wipers. Keep reading to know more.

How To Replace Jeep Liberty Windshield Wipers?

The first thing to consider is to select the perfect windshield wipers according to the dimensions of the Jeep Liberty. Here’s a table for the size

Driver PortionPassenger PortionRear
19 inches19 inches12 inches

Now let’s look at the procedures to take when it comes to the replacement of the windshield wipers of the Jeep Liberty. Follow the procedures accordingly.

1. Making Things Easy

You should bring your wipers to the middle part of the windshield by turning them on to make the whole process a lot easier.

2. Lifting The Clip

Look at the driver’s side of the windshield, where you will find a small clip holding the blade. As you slide the blade down the wiper arm, lift the clip towards the wiper arm and push it backward.

3. Removing The Blade

To remove the blade, push it several inches downward once it is detached. Remove the blade in the event of clear visibility of the hook.

4. Attach The New Wiper Blade

Attach the new blade. Remember that the hook should point at the wiper mount and should pass above the mount.

5. Ensure The Blades Are Fixed

You need to make sure the new blade is fixed at the edge of the arm. Pull it until you hear a ‘clicking’ sound. Don’t forget to bring the blade down to its natural position.

6. Focus On the Passenger Side

The above process should be more than enough to cover the driver portion of the windshield. Now all you need to do is to repeat the above-mentioned procedures to get the job done for the passenger portion.

7. The Rear Wipers

The only difference when installing a new rear wiper blade is there is only one portion instead of two. The rest of the process is exactly the same.

This procedure will cover all the models of the Jeep Liberty from 2002 to 2012. You can check the following video if you require any additional help:

Why Should You Consider The Replacement of The Windshield Wipers?

Windshield wipers might not be as significant and big as the other components, but they sure do work like knights. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you shouldn’t delay replacing the worn-out wipers:

  • Powered by a button, windshield wipers clear water, snow, dust, pollen, and other substances from your windshield.
  • This cleaning process is controlled by a motor that makes the wipers cover the whole windshield giving both the passenger and driver a crystal clear view.
  • The rubber blade (sometimes silicon), held by a metal arm, makes the cleaning process even more effective.
  • The rear wiper cleans the rear window, which is also important to look at the situation of the road at the rear to avoid any possible casualty.

When it comes to safe driving, wipers definitely play a vital role. So no matter what amount of usage they might have, it’s never a good idea to drive with bad wipers.

When Should You Consider The Replacement of The Windshield Wipers?

Let’s look at some of the signs you might notice whenever it’s time to think about a replacement of the windshield wipers:

  • The rubber or silicone of the blade can wear out after a long time of use or due to some other reasons making the cleaning process faulty.
  • The overall shape of the blade might look rounder than usual after long use.
  • If your wipers create a film on the windshield, even without any rain or snow, and after proper cleanliness, this is another sign of damage.
  • You can hear a disturbing noise from old wipers. This indicates inconsistent interaction between glass and wipers, hampering the cleaning process.
  • Heavy loads, rough handling, and car washes can damage the shape of the metal wiper arms, resulting in inconsistent interaction.
  • At times of rain, you will notice your wipers’ reach to lessen as many sides of the windshield won’t be cleaned.
  • Wiper blades that work fine in the rain can be ineffective during winter. Hence, a seasonal change of wipers is also needed even without any damage.

It’s easy for windshield wiper blades to get ripped apart if they’re not replaced when they’re supposed to.

A wiper arm with no coating shatters across the windshield not only making the wipers ineffective but also scratching the glass. Therefore, it’s recommended to consider replacement within six to twelve months.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace The Windshield Wipers of Jeep Liberty?

Here’s a range you might need to consider while replacing the windshield wipers of your Jeep:

Parts PriceLabour CostTotal

This range excludes any tax or fee and is based on the availability of Jeep Liberty.

Maintenance of Windshield Wipers

Let’s discuss some of the steps you should consider to maintain well-functioning windshield wipers:

  • Consider watering the windshield or using wiper fluids before running the wipers over it.
  • Get a good grasp of the functionality of the wiper, especially in bad weather.
  • You can prevent ice from building up over the wipers by pulling them off the glass when it’s snowing or icy.
  • Don’t rub the wiper over hard ice.
  • Frequently clean the wipers using soap and a damp cloth and apply some alcohol afterward.
  • Consider replacement whenever there are signs.


Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions and their answers:

Should you buy windshield wipers from a dealership?

Ans. The original equipment (OEM) wiper blades are best for windshields, which you can get only from dealers usually.

Do expensive windshield wipers make a difference?

Ans. If cheap blades are brand new, there is no difference in the functionalities from expensive ones.

Final Thoughts

Windshield wipers aren’t some negligible components as their malfunction not only puts you in danger but also the other people on the road at great risk. Properly functioning wipers ensure clear vision and also keep the glasses neat.

The replacement is very easy if you know about the design. In this article, we tried to cover all the aspects of it. Hopefully, this will be enough to make you understand the replacement process and other things to consider beforehand for your Jeep Liberty.

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