How to Turn Off Jeep Wrangler Interior Lights?

How to Turn Off Jeep Wrangler Interior Lights

Interior lights in your Jeep Wrangler may come in handy while checking a map or reading a book. But lights remaining on all the time can be irritating. It is possible that lights don’t go off even after you turn off the switch. So, how to turn off Jeep Wrangler interior lights?

Interior lights are controlled in multiple ways. You need to check if the switch is jammed or if the connection is faulty. Or, you might forget the knob on the dashboard. Whatever the cause, we will show you how to turn off Jeep Wrangler interior lights in detail.

jeep cherokee interior lights won't turn off

What Are Interior Lights in a Jeep Wrangler?

Various Jeep Wrangler models come with courtesy and dome lights. These interior lights provide good visibility inside the car. You can turn them on or off using the adjustable knob or the light switch beside the bulb.

Interior lights in Jeep Wrangler are connected to doors. So, when you open the door, interior lights come on to help you see inside the car. This is a handy feature at nighttime.

But the lights might not turn off sometimes, even after you close the door. And this can be caused by several errors, which we are going to discuss next.

Why Don’t Jeep Wrangler Interior Lights Turn Off?

There can be several reasons behind this problem. Here is a quick overview of them.

jeep cherokee interior lights wont turn off

Leaving the Light Switch Turned On

In many cases, jeep owners might leave their cars without turning off the light switch. When they enter the car next time and turn on the engine, the interior lights instantly turn on. If it happens during the day, users might only recognize the mistake once it is dark outside.

Loose or Faulty Wiring

Sometimes, the light wire can unwantedly be in contact with the switch terminal. In this situation, interior lights might not turn off even if you turn off the light switch.

Jammed or Damaged Switch

Sometimes, the fuse in the light switch might get jammed. So, even if you turn off the light switch, it won’t go to the position where it needs to be. And interior lights will be turned on until you fix the problem.

Faulty Door Connections

As Jeep Wrangler has door wiring for interior lights, any problem in the door connector might leave interior lights on. A short circuit in the connection can be the main culprit here.

How to Turn Off Jeep Wrangler Interior Lights?

You need to take multiple steps to ensure the interior lights in your Jeep Wrangler turn off correctly. Let’s begin with the easiest one.

Adjust Dome Light Brightness

An adjustable knob on the left side of the steering wheel is used to adjust the display brightness in Jeep Wrangler. The same knob is responsible for turning the dome lights on or off. If you scroll the knob upward, the brightness will be in the highest setting.

In this case, the dome lights will turn on if you open the door. Closing the door will turn the lights off. If the knob is in the middle position, dome lights will still turn on if you open the door.

Now, you need to scroll all the way down to set the lowest brightness. Try opening the door now, and the dome lights should turn off. If the lights still don’t turn off, proceed to the next step.

Turn the Light Switch Off

On the left side of the steering wheel, you will find a column that contains multiple switches for headlights and interior lights. Check the car’s manual to find the ideal position of the column for turning the interior lights off. Sometimes, the lever can be one or two notches away from the ideal spot.

If this is the case, you should rotate the lever or adjustable knobs on the lever to turn the interior lights off. It should solve the problem if the wiring is perfect. Otherwise, you need to move to the next step.

Check Door Connectors

As we have already mentioned, the doors in a Jeep Wrangler are connected to interior lights. When you close the door, the interior lights should automatically turn off. This problem shouldn’t occur until you remove the doors from the car.

While reinstalling the car, you might forget to reconnect the wire responsible for turning lights on or off. In such cases, the interior lights won’t turn off even if you close the door.

Check the Wiring

If the lights don’t go off after all these steps, the problem is probably in the wiring. Faulty switches can also be a part of the problem. But checking wires might not be easy for you.

So, you must take the vehicle to an experienced technician who can check the wiring and fix any errors preventing interior lights from turning off.


Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions here.

Do interior lights drain the battery?

Of course. Interior lights run on the car battery, so they can drain it if you leave them on.

How do I turn off the overhead light in Jeep Wrangler?

Overhead lights have switches beside the lamps. You can press the physical buttons to turn those lights off.

Do Jeep Wrangler lights turn off automatically?

The interior light switch can be set into an auto position, where it will automatically turn on or off, depending on the door position. Lights will turn on when you open the door and off when you close the door.


Interior lights in a Jeep Wrangler can cause concerns when they refuse to turn off. Sometimes, it can be the fault of the user who forgets to turn off the light switch. Or an incorrectly positioned control switch can cause the issue as well. Faulty door connectors are also responsible for the problem.

In this guide, we tried to address all the causes behind the problem and showed how to turn off Jeep Wrangler interior lights quickly. Make sure you follow these steps to get rid of that irritating situation.

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