How To Unlock Jeep Cherokee With Keys Inside – Here Is The Trick!

How To Unlock Jeep Cherokee With Keys Inside

It’s not surprising that you can mistakenly lock your Jeep Cherokee while keeping the keys inside. But never panic if this happens to you. Just stay calm and think if you have any spare keys around. If you are certain that you do not have a spare key and that your car is completely locked, please follow us.

Uconnect is the official Jeep app, and it allows you to unlock your vehicle in under a minute. We provide step-by-step instructions for using this. However, there are other options if you don’t have a smartphone at that time.

The door can be opened using the slim Jim tool. Airbags and long-reach tools can also be used to unlock it. Each method is explained in detail; all you have to do is to follow them.

How To Unlock Jeep Cherokee With Keys Inside

Here are a few efficient techniques you can use to unlock your locked Jeep Cherokee; they are all simple to use and effective.

1. Method: Use the UConnect App

Use the UConnect App

UConnect is the authorized app for the Jeep brand. If you lose your key or leave it inside the car, it offers a number of services to the owner of the vehicle, such as locking and unlocking the vehicle, starting the engine, turning on the lights, etc. 

[Note: For this method, you must have an account on your Uconnect app, otherwise it won’t work ]

Step 1: First you need to download the app to your smartphone. And login your account using your username and password.

Step 2: Now there will be several options, one option will be to ‘lock and unlock’ the door. Enter that menu and click on the ‘unlock the door button’. Instantly a pop-up screen will appear asking for Uconnect 4-digit password.

Step 3: The door will automatically unlock after you enter the password; this process will take some time.

2. Method: Air Bag And 60 Inch Long Reach Tool

Long Reach Tool

Step 1: Take a small airbag to start. Make sure there is no air inside the bag. Now, take your airbag and gently slide it up and down the door jamb until you see it pass through.

Step 2: Once it has completely set, begin pumping. When the door opens slightly, try to enter the long-reach tool. If you think the door is still too closed to enter the long-reach tool, pump it again.

Step 3: Now the long-reach tool should be able to enter through the door. If you are able to enter your long-reach tool through the door, now try to hit the unlock button. Once you manage to press the unlock button, the door will immediately unlock.

Finally, deflate your airbag.

3. Method: Using Slim Jim Tools

Using Slim Jim Tools

It is very common to unlock a car using Slim Jim tools. It does not work on electric locks, since the Jeep Cherokee does not have an electric lock, this trick will undoubtedly work.

Step 1: Insert a wedge between the window glass and the weather stripping. A small gap will be created between the glass and the stripping. Do not release the wedge from its position.

Step 2: Insert the slim Jim tool into the gap you made with the wedge. Push the wedge further to create a wider gap if the slim Jim is having trouble entering. Make sure the notched end is going down, not the flat end.

Step 3: After it has been properly inserted, line up the tool with the lock and attempt to push it up from the bottom. It won’t open in just one go, so keep trying until the lock shakes or moves.

Step 4: When you will see the lock moving along with the movement of the slim Jim tool, slowly pull the slim Jim upwards. If you act quickly, the slim Jim tool will be unhooked, and the lock will remain unlocked. So patiently, the lock will open.

4. Method: Call Locksmith

If you are unable to carry out any of the methods listed above, you can contact a locksmith. It’s true that locksmiths are a bit expensive, but they can safely unlock the car without breaking or damaging anything.

In the United States, the cost of a locksmith ranges from $40 to $120. But there are also many other factors that affect the price. It depends on the issue, the type of vehicle, the distance from the city where you are, etc.

Visit this helpful website,, for emergency locksmith services. By using this website, you can also find a locksmith near your home for different services.

What You Should Not Do To Unlock The Door When The Keys Inside

When you accidentally lock your car and the keys inside, there are a few things you shouldn’t do. The following point should be avoided because it will cause more problems.

  • Breaking windows – If your car is locked and your keys are inside, breaking windows is never a good idea. The window replacement cost will be high because the Jeep Cherokee is expensive. It will be much more affordable if you call a locksmith.
  • Don’t break the lock with a hammer – Some people advise keeping a hammer in the car in case the door lock fails. You don’t need to do this. The cost of locks is high, and you must tow your vehicle to the service station. Better use the advice we provided or call a locksmith.
  • Wing window trick – There are a few methods for unlocking the car door and opening the window. Actually, the majority of them are useless. The reason is that those tricks are quite outdated, and modern cars are constructed differently.

If you try to unlock the door by breaking a wing window, you will most likely find no wing windows in your car. Modern cars don’t have wing windows, so they won’t work in today’s vehicles.

Additionally, the tennis ball trick won’t work on your Jeep Cherokee, so save your time and call an emergency service instead.

  • Never dial 911 or any other emergency number – if your car is locked and your key is inside, it is not an emergency. Therefore, you probably won’t get any help if you call 911 for this.

However, if you are in serious trouble, call the non-emergency number (311), and they will give you the local locksmith’s contact information.


Here are some questions and answers regarding the Jeep Cherokee locked problem, I hope you will get more insights.

Is there a way to enter an unlocked Jeep Cherokee without keys?

There are some options, but there is no assurance that they will unquestionably work for you. The dickey may occasionally remain unlocked even after you lock the car. So you can look into that. Additionally, if you have a spare Dickey key, you can use that to enter.
The other approach is to use the roof, which remained unlocked even after you locked the car.

Does the Slim Jim tool work to unlock all vehicles?

Absolutely not; it only functions with vehicles that have standard car window locks and systems.
For instance, if you try to use a supercar or anything else extremely expensive, it won’t work because these cars have sophisticated security systems. In addition, it won’t work with electric vehicles like Teslas.

Will it work if I open an account on Uconnect after locking my car?

Most likely not; in that case, you must contact the car brand authorities, who will assist you in using an app to unlock your car.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you have got some idea of how to unlock the Jeep Cherokee with keys inside. Locking cars and forgetting keys inside is pretty common. But you fix these issues by yourself.

It’s preferable to try things on your own first before calling a locksmith. Get a slim Jim tool; it’s the simplest method for unlocking the car. If there is no slim Jim then you can apply the airbag and long-reach tool. Both are easy and effective.

However, it would be ideal if you used the Uconnect app to automatically unlock the door. If you are unable to do any of this, call a locksmith, and he will resolve the situation.

The next time, remember to keep a backup in your concealed pocket.

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