How To Upgrade Instrument Cluster On Jeep JK

How To Upgrade Instrument Cluster On Jeep JK

Want to spruce up the interior of your Jeep JK? Upgrading the instrument cluster can instantly freshen up the look inside your car. Let’s tell you how to upgrade the instrument cluster on Jeep JK so that you can immediately start your interior remodeling. 

When To Upgrade The Instrument Cluster On Your Jeep JK?

You Want A New Interior Look 

Car owners often want to upgrade the instrument cluster on their cars for aesthetic purposes. If you desire a change of setting when you drive, an instrument cluster upgrade will give you the taste of driving a new car in your old vehicle. 

Malfunctioning Instrument Gauge Components 

Sometimes an instrument cluster becomes necessary because some of the features in your original Jeep JK are not working correctly. There could be circuit problems, the displays might be broken, and there could be wiring issues. A new instrument cluster system will alleviate all these problems.   

How Much Do You Have To Spend For Upgrading Instrument Cluster On Your Jeep JK?

Prepare to spend $200-$300 minus labor costs for a brand-new instrument cluster behind your Jeep JK steering wheel. You might have to spend even more depending on the features you want. 

Digital clusters will cost more than analog ones. If you opt for a fully digital instrument cluster, you will replace the traditional gauges with digital indicators.

Optical preference can make you choose a digital instrument cluster over a conventional one. Also, a fully digital panel will give you better visibility in sunlight,  more customization options, and better fuel economy by reducing the overall vehicle weight.

What Upgrades You Can Make To The Jeep JK Instrument Cluster?

The Fuel Gauge 

The fuel gauge is one of the first things people usually alter in a Jeep JK instrument cluster. Stock gauge responds slowly and has low sunlight visibility. A standard upgrade involves swapping out the stock fuel gauge with a more precise aftermarket model.

Digital Speedometer

The replacement of a mechanical speedometer with an electronic one is a common modification. It presents more information on display and looks better than the original one. 


Jeep JK owners also tend to replace the backlights in their cluster for better nighttime visibility and optical impression. Go for LED lights because they are not much expensive, last longer, and are energy efficient.

How To Upgrade Instrument Cluster On Jeep JK

Remember to put the parking brakes on before you start the procedure. 

First, you have to remove your old instrument cluster. You will need two tools for doing that; a trim panel tool and a 7 mm nut driver/quarter-inch socket extension. You can find these in any automotive part stores nearby. 

So, first of all, you’ll have to take a trim panel tool and remove the two lower panels below the steering columns, which are just clipped in. You can also use a regular butter knife if you don’t have a trim panel tool. 

Next, locate two screws which are on each side of the steering column holding the gauge surround. Take them off.

You’ll also see a removable tray up there. Pull it with your hand, and it’ll come out quickly. There’s a 7 mm screw right behind the window switch. The window switch is below the stereo if you look. So, you must take out the window switch to get to that screw point.

There are two latches on top and two on the bottom of the window switch. Pop it out a bit, and you’ll see a red lock. If you push it up, it’ll unlock the latch. Then you can release the window switch. 

Once you get the window switch out, you will find a 7mm screw in the middle of that space. There’s one bolt in each corner of the cluster. Next up, try to pull off the trim with your fingers. It’ll easily come off. 

Remove all four screws from each corner with the nut driver. The screws were holding the cluster in place. Before working with the cluster, remember to shut the door. It will help to turn the cluster off. 

There you’ll see three connectors on the cluster. Push the tabs down with your thumb. It’ll help to release the lock and unplug it. Pull off the rubber caps for trip reset and mileage computer temp deal. Pull the cluster back and remove the plastic clips holding the trim panel to the cluster. 

Once you do that, your cluster will be out. Then you’ll have to reinstall it again. Just reverse the whole procedure with your new cluster. You have to plug back the three plastic clips/connectors. Next up, attach the new instrumental cluster. Put on the 7mm bolts back in their place.

Also, remember to put the window switch back in its place again. Put on the two screws beneath the steering wheel carefully. Clip back the two lower panels again. Now you will have a rebuilt instrument cluster gracing your Jeep JK.

Final Words 

Every Jeep JK owner should know how to upgrade the instrument cluster on Jeep JK. Personalizing your Jeep JK all by yourself can be a pretty fulfilling experience. Not to mention, it will save you a significant amount of money. 

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