How To Upgrade Radiator Fan On Jeep JK

How To Upgrade Radiator Fan On Jeep JK

You don’t need to be an automotive expert to figure out that high engine temperature does not bode well for your vehicle. Overheating issues can compromise the performance of your car and eventually lead to more severe issues. 

If you have been facing overheating issues in your Jeep JK, you can consider changing the radiator fan. An improved radiator fan can boost your car’s cooling system and eliminate the overheating problem. Let’s find out how to upgrade the radiator fan on Jeep JK. 

When Should You Change The Radiator Fan On Your Jeep JK?

Increasing Engine Temperatures 

This is probably the most noticeable sign of a broken radiator fan. Without the cooling effect of the fan, the engine temperature will grow over time. You can realize there is something wrong with the radiator fan when you are driving your Jeep JK at moderate speeds or sitting inside of it parked. 

At lower speeds, the engine is not overworking, so the temperature should not rise above the standard level. When the car is parked, the engine is at a standstill. So, higher temperatures should be abnormal when the vehicle is not moving. 

You Can’t Hear The Radiator Fan Operating 

You should be able to hear the radiator fan when it’s operational. It makes a whirring noise, which is quite discerning. If you don’t hear the fan running when the engine heats up, it could be malfunction. 

Your Engine Coolant Keeps Disappearing

If the coolant level on your Jeep JK keeps dropping, first ensure that there is no leakage involved. Once you rule out leakage, the primary suspect should be your underperforming radiator fan. 

The coolant continuously travels through the radiator to keep the engine temperature in check. But it can’t do the job alone. The radiator fan needs to function properly to keep the engine temperature normal. When the fan underperforms, the engine temperature rises and vaporizes the coolant. 

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How Much Do You Need To Spend To Upgrade The Radiator Fan On Jeep JK?

If you can spare some time for a DIY project, you can save more than $100 in mechanic fees while installing a new radiator fan on a Jeep JK. If you have the right tools around, you don’t have to spend this extra money. 

You can expect to get a better-performing radiator fan for your Jeep JK within the $200-$350 price range. 

How To Upgrade Radiator Fan On Jeep JK?

So, your radiator fan has just arrived at your door, and you are ready for installation. Let’s get to it! 

How To Remove a Radiator Fan From A Jeep JK?

Remove the radiator cover with a pry tool. Plastic pry tools might not cut it. Go for something more robust. Now, your first challenge is to remove the air box. Without doing that, you can’t access the radiator fan. 

Grab a screwdriver and undo the worm clamps that secure the airbox. You will also see two bolts that have fastened the radiator hose. Remove them with a socket and a ratchet. You need to remove all the hoses that connect to the air box. Disconnect the connector to the coolant reservoir as well. After removing the bolts, you can disassemble the rest with your hands. 

After removing the hoses, remove the air box’s upper part by undoing the snaps. When you remove the top, you will find the air filter underneath. Take that away as well. Slowly pull out the lower part of the air box. Don’t rush, as it could break the tabs under the box that connects it to the grommets in the airbox compartment. 

After the air box, you have to remove the coolant reservoir. Undo the hoses and push the retainer button with a trim tool that holds the reservoir in place. Pull out the reservoir. 

With the air box and the coolant reservoir out of the way, you should get to see the radiator fan now. Remove the front panel that attaches the fan to the hood. 

Disconnect the hose that connects to the fan and remove the panel that secures the fan to the hood with a trim tool. You can easily use the trim tool to pull out the retainers. When you undo the retainers, you can pull out the panel without breaking a sweat. 

Now you can directly work on the radiator fan. Take off the screws with a socket and a ratchet. Once you do that, you can extract the radiator fan. 

How To Install A New Radiator Fan On A Jeep JK?

Take the new fan and slide it in. Make sure it’s in the same as the old radiator fan was when you took it out. You also must ensure that the radiator reaches the feet where it steadily rests. Once the positioning is done, put back the bolts and tighten them. Reconnect the hose 

Put back the front panels. Slide them into the empty slot and secure them in place. Then, reinsert the coolant reservoir. How can you be sure that you are putting it back in the right position? 

If you check the reservoir, you will see there are mounting tabs on the side. They need to go into the right ports so that the reservoir can settle in a stable position. Once you are convinced that the reservoir went in the right way, fasten the push retainer to lock the reservoir in place. 

Now, put back the air box. Start with the bottom part. The tabs under the box must match the grommets at the bottom of the airbox compartment. The air filter and the upper part of the air box will follow. Reattach the hose that connects the air box to the radiator. Reconnect the air cleaner outlet tube as well. Tighten all loose nuts and worm clamps. 

Final Words 

We hope we managed to tell you how to upgrade the radiator fan on Jeep JK in a comprehensible tone. It might sound like a lot, but once you get to it and approach it step by step, it will not seem that difficult of a challenge. 

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