How To Upgrade Speaker On Jeep TJ

How To Upgrade Speaker On Jeep TJ

Jeep TJ debuted in the late ‘90s as part of Jeep’s iconic Wrangler series. Hailed for its heavy-duty performance, the Jeep TJ is still one of the most popular automobiles in the US. However, its sound system is not one of the best you would come across.

In this article, we will explain how to upgrade speakers on Jeep TJ. Many Jeep TJ owners find the stock speaker options mediocre and contemplate upgrading them. If you happen to be one of them, this article could be a valuable read for you.

The audio system has often been cited as one of the weakest offerings of Jeep TJ SUVs. You can feel the need for a better audio system when you are driving on a bumpy trail. So, let’s find out how you can install high-quality speakers that befit the glamor of your Jeep TJ. 

What Are The Stock Speakers For Jeep TJ? 

The first Jeep TJ, which came to the market in 1997, had only two speakers. We had more Jeep TJ versions in subsequent years. The latest Jeep TJ was launched in 2006, over a decade and a half ago. It had a four-speaker audio system.

Can You Upgrade Your Jeep TJ Speakers? 

Thankfully, there is no obligation to stick with the built-in speakers. You can replace your outdated Jeep TJ speakers with modern alternatives. It’s a pretty simple yet fun DIY endeavor that anyone can do. 

Why Should You Upgrade Your Jeep TJ Speakers? 

1. The Stock Speakers Are Outdated 

Jeep did not make a new Jeep TJ in the last 16 years. So, the specs are outdated. One of the easiest ways to modernize your Jeep TJ is to replace the old speakers. The two or four-speaker Jeep TJ audio systems produce lackluster sound. Therefore, it’s an easy decision to make. 

2. Your Speakers Are Not Functioning 

You will need to replace the stock speakers if they are faulty. That’s pretty self-explanatory, right? When replacing your speakers is your only option, you should always choose higher-quality units.

How Much Should You Spend To Change Jeep TJ Speakers?

Those who don’t want to spend the time replacing the factory speakers themselves can always pay a technician to do it. But it won’t be cheap since professional technicians will charge you in the ballpark of $80-$150, based on your location. 

So, if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can save up a considerable amount of money. It will allow you to spend extra money on premium speakers. You can get some excellent speakers for your Jeep TJ within the $200 price bracket. 

How To Upgrade Speaker On Jeep TJ? 

Dashboard Speaker Upgrade 

The dashboard speakers should be the first thing you tackle when upgrading the Jeep Wrangler sound system. It’s usually a 4-inch speaker that sits on the dashboard. You can take off the grill on top of the speaker with a plastic pry tool. 

It’s important to use a plastic pry tool so that you don’t end up scratching the panels. Also, be careful not to damage the clips when removing the speaker. You must undo three or four screws to get the speaker off. 

Since the window is in the way, a right-angle screwdriver will come in handy here. Also, you won’t have much operating room here. So, only use short-length screwdrivers. After taking out the old speaker, put in the new one.

Press the grill plates down gently to finish. If you hear a clicking noise, the installation was completed successfully. Remember not to apply too much pressure while putting on the grill plates. They might snap if you are not careful enough. 

Front Speaker Upgrade 

The speakers in the front are placed just above the knee height on both the driver and passenger sides. Both of these speakers have the same installation process. So, we will just explain how to install one of them. You can follow the same instructions to install the other. 

Remove the speaker’s outer cover using a Phillips screwdriver. You should find a 4-inch speaker and a tiny tweeter underneath the panel. Instead of swapping the old 4-inch speaker with a new 4-inch one, we would recommend using a larger speaker like a 5.25-inch one. 

If you do opt to install a bigger speaker, you will have to use an adapter. Moving from a 4-inch speaker to a 5.25-inch one will require a 4-inch to 5.25-inch speaker adapter. After installing the adapter, put in the new seeker and secure it with screws. Reinstall the speaker cover afterward. 

Rear Speaker Upgrade 

Changing the back speakers is a very simple process. Just take out the four screws, and the grill comes right out. The speakers quickly come out of their mountings, so be careful not to drop and damage them. 

Pair the blue electrical wires with the white ones. On the other end, you will have to match brown and yellow cables. You will have to maintain this color combination for the best polarity. Put in the new speaker and put back the grills. Now you have a new, functioning rear speaker. 

Final Words 

Figuring out how to upgrade the speaker on Jeep TJ can be a bit tricky. However, the challenge will appear far less daunting if you follow the guidelines we have provided here. We are sure you will feel confident enough to do it by yourself after reading this article. 

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