How To Upgrade Subwoofer On Jeep JK

How To Upgrade Subwoofer On Jeep JK

An audio system isn’t complete without a subwoofer to boost the bass and improve the quality of the music. Your Jeep Wrangler JK sound system has one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve it! We will tell you how to upgrade the subwoofer on Jeep JK if you have been feeling the urge to customize the sound system in your car.

DIY-minded individuals with access to essential equipment can easily swap out their factory subwoofer for an upgraded aftermarket model. This article will cover the possible costs and the specific processes for doing it. So, stay with us till the conclusion.

When Should You Upgrade Your Jeep JK Subwoofer?

1. The Audio System Keeps On Making Extra Noise

When a subwoofer is blown or cracked, it can make crackling or popping noises. Whenever you notice or hear something like that, the sound system in your car warrants an inspection. 

2. The Audio Sounds Distorted 

Distorted audio is another major warning symptom of a blown speaker. What do we exactly mean when we say distorted audio? You might feel that the sound is muffled and out of tune. You can notice the distortion, even more, when you turn up the volume. 

You might also notice that a particular detail is missing from the sound. For example, you might feel the drum beats are barely noticeable while hearing a song. In that case, you should consider getting a new subwoofer. 

3. Minimal Vibration 

The sound system can’t produce adequate sonic strength if the subwoofers fail to generate sufficient vibration. In simpler terms, the audio will sound weak if the subwoofer doesn’t vibrate enough. That’s another sign telling you to go for a subwoofer upgrade. 

How Much Do You Need To Spend To Upgrade Your Jeep JK Subwoofer? 

If you do the handiwork yourself, replacing the subwoofer in a Jeep JK will only cost a fraction of what it would if you hired a pro. Living in more expensive states like California and New Jersey, you might have to spend more than $120 for a simple sound system installation. 

Without considering the service charges, a subwoofer upgrade will cost you between $300-$450. 

How To Upgrade Your Jeep JK Subwoofer? 

The stock Jeep Wrangler subwoofer is an 8-inch version. So, if you are choosing an 8-inch subwoofer, it will fit right in—no need to do much extra work. You can also install a bigger subwoofer, like a 10-inch one. In that case, you have some improvisation to do. 

  1. 8-Inch Subwoofer Replacement 

To begin, grab a T20-size screwdriver and use it to remove the fasteners that secure the subwoofer grill plate. Pull out the grill plate and unplug the power cables that connect the subwoofer to the outlet.   

Now, take the new subwoofer and put it in place of the old one. Before you do so, look for a notch on its surface. Make sure that the notch lies at the bottom when you install the new unit. It will line up with the grill’s tab.

You might feel a little confused about the power cables you had unplugged while removing the old subwoofer. How do you connect them to the new subwoofer? Which one goes to which port? No need to sweat over it! You can randomly plug them into the ports without maintaining any order. 

Finish up by putting back the grill plate. Fasten the screws so that the subwoofer stays in place. 

  1. 10-Inch Subwoofer Replacement 

Without settling for a like-for-like replacement, you can install a larger subwoofer. A premium 10-inch subwoofer would be a pretty commendable upgrade over the stock 8-inch subwoofer. To do that, however, you will have to do a bit of hard work besides splashing the 3 cash. 

You need to remove the seat of your Jeep JK altogether. Find the frames and brackets for the front bucket seats, which have a tilting mechanism. Pick up a socket wrench that fits the nuts that secure the seat to the floor. 

After you undo the nuts, you can take the seat out of the vehicle. Now, it’s time for the subwoofer installation to begin. 

Since you are installing a bigger subwoofer, you need to drill a few more holes in the seat mounting bracket so that the new subwoofer can go in. After you do that, put the subwoofer on top of the mounting bracket and wait to hear a clicking sound. You can confirm that the subwoofer has been securely set up as soon as you hear that. 

Put back the seat and attach the retainer nuts. Congrats, you now have a brand new subwoofer in your audio system! 

Final Words 

After learning how to upgrade the subwoofer on Jeep JK, you can realize that you don’t have to throw away money hiring a professional mechanic to do the job. You can do it following the simple guidelines we have provided here. So, save up that extra cash and use it more meaningfully, like buying a more expensive subwoofer for your Jeep. 

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