Jeep Door Net Replacement Cost (Data-driven Estimates 2023)

Jeep Door Net Replacement

It’s unsafe to drive your Jeep without door nets. But door nets get torn very easily and need to be replaced very often, which is costly, right? Well, no matter the cost, safety comes first!!.

So, how much is the Jeep door net replacement cost anyway? Low-quality door nets will cost you around $150 for a full set of 4 pieces. But the good quality ones will cost you up to $340 (they last more). And there’s no installation cost because you can easily install them on your own.

So, are you interested in getting your Jeep door nets replaced? Well, we have a detailed guide on this right below. Check it out right now!

Jeep Door Net Replace

Jeep Door Net Replacement Cost (Detailed Breakdown And Estimations)

The total cost of Jeep door net replacement can be divided into 3 subcategories. For easy understanding, we have provided appropriate estimates for all these sub-costs right below in this table.

1. Door net product costFrom $150 to $340 (approx.)
2. Product Delivery cost$0 (most of the time)
3. Installation cost (labor cost)$0 (DIY installation)
Total CostWithin the range of $150 to $340

Now that you have had an idea of the overall cost of replacing your door nets, let’s go into deeper explanations of these estimates.

In the below subsections, we laid down some reality-based price data. It will give you a transparent idea of how these costs can vary based on the quality of the door net products.

1. Door net cost breakdown

As we’ve already mentioned above, the Jeep door nets themselves usually cost below $340. Now, let’s see what types of door nets are available in the current market, depending on their price levels.

 Jeep Door Net ReplacementsCostsProduct qualitySource Marketplace
1.Steinjager Tube Door Cargo Net Covers; Black (2 pieces)$170 ($340 for full set)Very highProduct Quality
2.Tube Door Net – for Jeep JKU 4 Door – Olive Drab Green (4 pieces)$250HighAmazon
3.Steinjager Front and Rear Tube Door Cargo Net Covers (4 pieces)$229HighExtreme terrain
4.Dirtydog 4×4® – Door Nets (4 pieces)$255HighCarid
5.Dirtydog 4X4 Olympic Tube Door Netting (4 pieces)$199ModerateQuadratec

As you can see from the cost data above, a set of good-quality door nets for your Jeep will cost you around $250 to $340.

On the other hand, if you go for cheaper options, you can also buy a full set of door netting for $199.

Now, aside from the products we have mentioned above, there are other low-quality products available on the market as well. These products are likely to cost you anything between $150 to $180.

Therefore, as you can see, you should have a budget of $150 to $340 if you want to buy a full set of door nets for your Jeep.

2. Product delivery cost breakdown

First off, you should note that there won’t be any delivery cost if you buy the door nets from the physical shops in your local area. However, door nets are often unavailable in small auto repair shops.

In that case, you’ll have to order a set of door nets for your Jeep from online marketplaces. And, when you order online, you often have to pay for the delivery cost (not all the time).

So, let’s see below what the product delivery cost might be for Jeep door net replacements.

 Jeep Door Net ReplacementsDelivery CostsSource Marketplace
1.Steinjager Tube Door Cargo Net Covers; Black (2 pieces)$0 (free shipping)Extremeterrain
2.Tube Door Net – for Jeep JKU 4 Door – Olive Drab Green (4 pieces)$4 (approx.)Amazon
3.Steinjager Front and Rear Tube Door Cargo Net Covers (4 pieces)$0 (free shipping)Extremeterrain
4.Dirtydog 4×4® – Door Nets (4 pieces)$0 (free shipping)Extreme terrain
5.Dirtydog 4X4 Olympic Tube Door Netting (4 pieces)$5 (approx.)Quadratec

As you can see in the above table, some products don’t come with any delivery cost. However, some products will cost you around $5 as the delivery charge (inside the US).

Note: if you want your Jeep door nets delivered to an area outside the US, the delivery cost can be even higher than that. So, when calculating the total cost for your Jeep door net replacement, don’t forget to add up the additional delivery costs.

3. Installation cost (labor cost)

As already mentioned above, you can easily install the door nets on your own without any hardship. In fact, it only takes about 15 minutes to install a full set of door nets, even for a newbie who doesn’t have any prior experience doing it.

Therefore, the labor cost will be $0 if you go with DIY installation. Now, you can also get the door nets installed by a professional at your local auto repair shops as well.

However, we don’t think it’s necessary because we have an easy-to-follow installation guide for your ride below. Therefore, go ahead and check it out, so you can install your door nets on your own.

Jeep Door Net Installation Guide (5 Easy-peasy Steps)

Jeep Door Net Installation Cost

As already mentioned above, installing replacement door nets for your Jeep is only a matter of a few seconds. Just follow the steps cited below to get the job done with ease:

Step 1. First off, unpack the door nets and measure their dimensions with a measuring tape.

Step 2. Next, compare the measurements with the doors of your Jeep. At this point, you should have a good idea of whether the door nets will be a tight fit or a loose fit on your doors.

Step 3. Now, hold the door nets with your hand and stretch them so you can slide them onto the tube doors of your Jeep.

Step 4. After pulling the door nets to stretch them, you have to simply slide them onto your tube doors.

Step 5. Lastly, readjust the door nets against the tube doors so they are symmetrically fitted.

Just like that, you are done with installing your Jeep door net replacements. Quite easy, right?

Final Takeaway

In essence, the Jeep door net replacement cost is extremely budget-friendly. You can replace your door nets for as low as $150. So, don’t hesitate to invest in door net replacements if your old door nets have gotten weak or torn.

Remember, “safety comes first before cost.” Therefore, no matter what the cost of the door nets might be, don’t procrastinate in getting them replaced if the old ones are damaged. We did the best of luck to you.

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