Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Battery Replacement Cost

Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Battery Replacement Cost

Jeep grand Cherokee comes with a smart key fob. You can remotely start your vehicle by pressing a button on the key fob. But, it runs on battery. What if the battery died?

How can you currently get your car? Change the key fob battery. But how high does the jeep grand Cherokee key fob battery replacement cost? Can I do it myself?

Don’t worry; the fob battery is not too pricey to be concerned about. You may get it for a minimum of $6. Even for the best model, its price won’t exceed $13.

You can avail of these batteries nearby and replace them yourself. So, I’ll stop now. Let’s get to the point at hand.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Battery Replacement Cost

The good news is that a jeep grand Cherokee key fob will not cost a big deal. You can buy its batteries from any retailer that sells batteries. They are also available on Amazon. The most common Jeep key fob battery is CR2032 which costs less than $6 to $13. 

  • Tips: Consider purchasing a spare battery by checking out for offer sales on batteries. As a result, you could save even more money.

Meanwhile, if you can replace the battery on your own, it will save your pocket more. Besides, replacing the key fob battery with a new one requires some simple steps.

Nevertheless, if you don’t follow the process carefully or are not aware of how to do it, you may risk your key fob’s damage. Hence, seeking professional help is better, but this will add an extra fee. 

Signs of a Dying Key Fob Battery

Key Fob Battery

Your Jeep key fob will show you some alarming indicators by which you may guess the weakness of your battery. The signs listed below will alert you that your battery is running low on power and that it is time to replace it.

  • If you find trouble unlocking/locking the Jeep door or pressing the key fob button multiple times to complete your required action, this indicates the last time of your battery life. A fully functional key fob should respond with a single click. 
  • You may notice a green light keeps flashing for 20 to 30 seconds even after the engine is switched off. Weakness in signal strength is responsible for this problem.
  • A Jeep key fob can usually operate from about 50 feet of distance. Any trouble using under this range indicates a weak battery. 
  • The inconsistent performance of your key fob also indicates a problem with your battery. If your key fob operates once and stops responding at another time, it informs you that the battery life has reached its end. Usually, a Jeep key fob battery lasts for 3-4 years. 

Jeep Key Fob Battery Replacement Process

You must have a Jeep key fob battery to enjoy several features of your car. When you face the end of your battery and need to change, you must complete some simple steps. 

Though most Jeep Grand Cherokee key fobs take CR2032 batteries, first opening it up and checking the model before buying a new one is recommended. It will allow you to avoid any mistakes. 

The fob is nothing more than two pieces of plastic that clip together.  A small circuit board, a battery, and a rubber keypad are all it has. 

So let’s walk you through changing the battery in your key fob.

Equipment Needed

1. New CR2032 Battery.

2. Small Flat Headed driver or a pocket knife: You will need it to retrieve the old battery.

Replacement Process

  1. Insert the flathead screwdriver or the knife into the key fob seam. This space is between the key fob’s front and the back parts near the key ring mount.
  2. Gently press downward until the two portions of the fob get apart. 
  3. Now,  you can see the type of your battery. 
  4. Then, go ahead and remove the old battery. 
  5. Grab your new battery and install it. Make sure that its polarity is correct.
  6. Return the circuit board onto the pad and put the keypad into the key. 
  7. Finally, rejoin the two parts of the fob. That’s it. You are done!

Key Fob Reprogramming

After replacement, sometimes you need to program the key fob. It requires following simple steps. 

  1. Firstly, you need to get into your car and close the doors. If the doors remain open, the process will not respond.
  2. Insert the key into the ignition. Do not start the vehicle.
  3. Now turn on the key to the run position, then return to the locked position. Continue doing this several times.
  4. Repeat the process again and again until you hear a chime. 
  5. Then, press the lock and unlock buttons until you hear another chime sound. 
  6. Finally, Check the key fob to see whether it responds correctly. Bravo! You are done.

Average Battery Life of Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob

Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob

The lifetime of a key fob battery depends on several factors. Battery size, using frequency, and several other factors affect battery life. Typically a key fob battery lasts for 4-5 years easily.

Although your battery is running well, you may need the battery inspected every time you visit a service center as a caution. On the other hand, an expiry date printed on the key fob battery helps you to take precautions. You can keep reminders for the last date. 


Check out these frequently asked questions to know more about Key Fob battery replacement issues.

Which Button Cells Are Used in a Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob?

Key fobs mostly use a small round 3V battery, a button cell battery, or a coin cell battery. Generally, a lithium battery named CR2032 battery is used in most Jeep Cherokee key fobs. 

Do You Need to Reprogramme a Key Fob After Replacement?

The answer is usually negative. You don’t need to reset your key fob after replacing its battery. But if your key fob doesn’t respond appropriately, there is a possibility that you need to reprogramme your key fob.

Final Words

The low battery of the key fob causes disturbing circumstances. Ensuring that your key fob has enough battery power is critically important before setting out on a trip. A battery death halfway to your destination may get you stranded on the road.

Precautions can ease your discomfort and even keep you out of embarrassing situations if you make the change in time. Now you know the jeep grand Cherokee key fob battery replacement cost and other important details. You can swap out the battery in your key fob with no issues.

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