How To Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee Starting Problem? Causes and Solutions

Jeep Grand Cherokee Starting Problem

Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the popular models of Jeep with a heavy body and powerful engine. However, you may face a starting problem with your buddy anytime.

If such happens, how to fix the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s starting problem? There could be a lot of reasons that your Jeep Cherokee does not start, like a weak battery, battery corrosion, dead PCM, defective starter motor, key Fob problem, fuel supply issue, engine timing issue, engine failure, and so on.

As the problems are different, you have to diagnose them first and take the proper steps to solve the issues regarding the problems. Check out which solution is needed for particular problems.

jeep not starting in cold weather

Way To Diagnose The Problem Of Jeep Grand Cherokee Not Start

The Cherokee has on-board diagnostics(OBD) advantage to diagnose its technical problems. So, it’s too easy to go through finding out the problems if your Cherokee doesn’t start. The OBD will tell you what the problem is

You have to connect a wireless dongle to the OBD2 port to communicate with the ECM. After connecting the dongle, the OBD2 scanner should detect the vehicle identification number(VIN) automatically.

If the OBD2 can’t detect the VIN automatically, you need to put the VIN manually to connect the PCM and ECM.

By the way, if the problems are not detected even after connecting the OBD2, you have to check and diagnose the problem manually. In this case, professional treatment is recommended.

The following video shows how to diagnose to fix Jeep Grand Cherokee starting problem.

How To Fix Jeep Grand Cherokee Starting Problems And Solutions

Several reasons can force your Grand Cherokee not to start. Here we are mentioning some common cases and their solutions.

Key FOB failure

Key FOB failure

One of the common reasons your car does not start could be your key FOB (frequency operated button) failure. It could happen for various reasons. FOB’s dead battery is the primary reason, though, in most cases.


There are several solutions for a dead key FOB. They are as follows.

  • Change the key FOB battery. This is the most common and effective solution if the key FOB is dead due to the battery. Also, if the battery is a little alive, you might try starting your car, keeping the key FOB close to the car.
  • Most cars nowadays have a physical key inside the FOB. You can easily start your car with the physical key.

You might also check the following video on how to replace your Grand Cherokee’s key FOB battery.

Issues with battery charge

jeep compass key fob battery replacement

Another reason could be that your Cherokee’s battery might die. Aside from that, if you have already replaced a dead battery, the new battery may not have achieved its best extent.

However, how can you understand that your battery isn’t working? When you try to start the engine by pushing the ignition key, it can crank slowly or not at all.

In such cases, a thorough battery checkup is needed to confirm the problem. You can use a multimeter to measure your car battery’s voltage. As the battery is 12-volt, check if the voltage sustains between 11.5v and 13v.

Any different voltage range (less than 11.5v and above 13v) except those mentioned above indicates the battery problem.


You can jump-start your car with the help of another car’s battery, which is called a donor battery. The process is as follows.

  1. Connect the positive of both your Cherokee’s battery (1) and the donor battery’s positive terminal (2) with a red wire with a connector on two sides.
  2. Connect the black connector wire to the donor’s negative terminal (3). Then connect the black wire to one of the engine’s bare metals (4).
  3. Now, first, start the donor car. After starting, it is ready to transfer power to your Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  4. Then ignite your dead car. This should now start your car’s engine.
  5. After successfully starting your car’s engine, remove all cables in the reverse method (4>3>2>1).

Your battery might caught corrosion

How To Clean battery corrosion

With frequent use, the environment may cause corrosion on your automobile battery’s terminals. In this instance, the battery’s ability to transfer power to the engine for starting will be reduced.

It’s not a really difficult problem. Check out the steps below to learn how to clean the rust on your car’s battery.


  • Open the battery cover and check if the battery caught up with corrosion.
  • If so, unplug the terminal wires. First, unplug the black cable and then the red one.
  • Clean the corrosion with proper elements-
  • Apply some baking soda and water to build a chemical reaction and remove the corrosion from the battery.
  • Clean the baking soda with a rubbing sponge after it removes the corrosion.
  • Now plug the wires and cover the battery. Try your car to start. This should work now.

Engine’s fuel component issues

Engine’s fuel component

Fuel injection and clogging are two major problems in the fuel line of your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s engine. Sometimes, the fuel line could be clogged due to frequent use, dirt, and particles that are developed over time.

As a result, your Cherokee’s fuel filter could be clogged, or the fuel pump can’t inject the proper amount of fuel to start the car.


  • In case your Cherokee’s fuel filter is clogged or the fuel pump fails, it’s recommended to replace them. Call for professional service to fix the issues.

Your Jeep Grand Cherokee might be caught by a defective starter motor

It’s obvious that the car might have a defective or broken starter motor. Since the motor has a lifespan of 100k to 150k miles, the motor could be defective if you have already reached the mileage.

Aside from this, with too frequent or rough use, or more extended use, your Grand Cherokee also suddenly caught a broken starter motor. However, if your battery is okay, but the engine clicks after turning the ignition key, it’s almost certain that your car’s starter motor is gone.


  • In most cases, once the motor starter gets the problem, you can consider its lifetime to end. In such a case, you need a starter motor replacement which should be done by a professional.

You also can fix it for energy use, but only for the time being. By following the below process, you may try out the emergency.

  • Hit the starting motor with a stick or a metal tool. If there is anything trapped within the motor, this will clear it. Alternatively, this will temporarily resolve the alignment issue.
  • After doing so, you can try to start the engine, which may serve you some days more. Nevertheless, we suggest it’s time to replace the starting motor.

Your Car May Have Got An Engine Failure!

Not a much-happening phenomenon, but yes, your engine can fail for many reasons. As a result, you can’t start your Grand Cherokee’s engine anymore. The engine failure could happen due to lousy maintenance, dirt, inefficient fuel injection, overhitting, or too much rough driving.

However, the only solution is to consult an expert automobile mechanic. The engine might fail but usually doesn’t die forever. So, an expert mechanic can efficiently diagnose and fix the problem.

Rodents Might Cut Down Your Car’s Cable System

This might be the awkward reason, but it happens most often to many car owners. Rodents like chipmunks, rats, squirrels, and mice can climb up the bottom of your car and cut down the cables and wires.

This time, there is no chance to fix it by yourself. You can repair the damage in an automotive workshop. This will also cost you a little bit more.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, your Jeep Grand Cherokee starting problem could happen for many other reasons. These include-

  • Engine mistiming
  • Spark plug loss
  • Issues in the generator of the car
  • Loose ignition system.

Some are fixable DIY, and some might need expert service.


Here are some relevant questions and answers on the Jeep Grand Cherokee Starting issue.

What do I do if my Jeep Cherokee won’t start?

Your Grand Cherokee might get different issues that prevent it from starting the engine. If the problem is smaller, like the FOB battery issue, or battery charge issue, you can fix them yourself. Otherwise, taking professional help is recommended for critical issues.

Why won’t my Jeep start with a new battery?

New batteries typically don’t perform to their full potential. Over time, it develops to its fullest capacity. This can be the main factor keeping new batteries from starting your automobile on the first try.
In addition, make sure the cabling from the battery to the starter is properly connected.

Key Takeaways

Knowing how to fix the Grand Cherokee starting problem will be a great relief for you. Since the problems might happen for different reasons, some of them are complex, by the way.

If you cannot fix technical problems, we recommend you call a professional automotive service. Expert professionals will find and fix the problems with efficiency.

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