How Much Will Jeep JK Front Drive Shaft Replacement Cost?

How much will Jeep JK Front Drive Shaft Replacement Cost

If your Jeep front drive shaft isn’t functioning correctly, you won’t be able to go anywhere. That is because it connects the front axle to your Jeep drivetrain and transfers power from the engine to the wheels. So, you’ll definitely need to replace it with a new one.

But how much does Jeep JK front drive shaft replacement cost? Including parts and labor expenses, the replacement cost typically ranges from $500 to $1000. Of course, the price depends on the type of drive shaft you choose and the make and model of your Jeep JK.

Don’t worry; replacing the front shaft isn’t something you’ll have to do often! You should be able to get plenty of mileage out of your new front drive shaft, so it’s worth the investment. This article has the inside scoop on what you can expect to pay for this repair. Read on to learn more!

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How much will Jeep JK Front Drive Shaft replacement cost?

You can replace the front drive shaft on a Jeep Wrangler JK for less than $1000. If you purchase the replacement part and do it yourself, it will cost between $400 and $800.

However, if you take it to a professional mechanic, they will charge anywhere from $600 to $1000. The exact amount varies depending on the make and model of your Jeep JK and where you go to get it done.

Generally, a mechanic charges around $150 for the front drive shaft replacement. The main factor is the body parts. Depending on the problem, the cost to replace it may also differ.

If, for example, the drive shaft is bent or has type-out components that need replacing, it would be more expensive. Replacing a half-shaft on your front-wheel-drive vehicle will generally fall between $450 and $950.

As an added note, if your vehicle has a long drive shaft that turns the back wheels, you can count on spending between $700.00 and $2100.00. The final price is largely determined by the labor costs, which can vary from $150 to $250 based on the service center, the state, and the taxes in that state.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Jeep Jk Front Drive Shaft?

On average, new driveshafts can go for around 72000 miles (1,15,873 km). Remember that this figure can vary depending on the type of replacement you get and how much wear and tear your Jeep JK goes through.

The more off-roading trips or heavy driving, the shorter your drive shaft life expectancy will be. Keep in mind that regular maintenance and keeping an eye out for any signs of damage can help extend the lifespan of your driveshaft.

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How To Know When You Should Replace The Jeep Jk Front Drive Shaft?

Here are some signs that it might be time to replace your Jeep JK front drive shaft:

Vibrations in the floorboard

If you feel a vibration or shaking coming from your Jeep JK’s floorboard, it could be an indication of a problem with the drive shaft.

A rough ride means there’s something wrong with the system that requires immediate attention. The issue is most likely related to misaligned U-joints or a damaged front drive shaft.

So, if you experience any shaking coming from the floorboards of your Jeep Jk, you should get it checked by a professional mechanic as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Noises while turning corners or accelerating

If you hear clunking or rattling noises when you turn corners or accelerate, it’s also a sign of a damaged front drive shaft. This is due to the fact that the U-joints in the drive shaft are misaligned and need to be realigned.

Likewise, if this kind of noise appears while driving, it’s best to have an expert technician have a look at the system as soon as possible.

Oil leaks

Oil leaking from the front drive shaft is another sign that something isn’t right. If you find oil pooled around your car, the drive shaft may have a faulty seal. Now, get your vehicle diagnosed as soon as possible.

The wheel doesn’t spin freely

The front drive shaft is a crucial component of the engine that makes your wheels turn. If you notice that your Jeep JK’s wheels are not spinning as they should be, it may mean there is an issue with the drive shaft.

In addition, if you feel resistance while trying to turn the wheel, this could be another sign that something is wrong with the drive shaft.

In this situation, get your car inspected by a technician who can discover and solve the problem by replacing any faulty parts if necessary.

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Can You Drive a Jeep JK With a Bad Front Drive Shaft?

Yes, you can continue to drive your vehicle even if you hear loud noises or it starts to shake. However, once you experience any of the signs mentioned above, driving could cause further damage.

Hence, it would be wise to stop and get a professional opinion. Your mechanic may recommend replacing parts or the entire front drive shaft.

Can you drive without the front drive shaft? Yes, if you don’t want to invest extra money in replacing it, you can remove it. That is because it is only the front drive shaft. Hopefully, you won’t face any issues removing it.

How To Replace Jeep JK Front Drive Shaft: Step-By-Step

Here is a Jeep JK’s front drive shaft replacement guideline.

Step 1: Collect the necessary tools:

Before you start, you should have some basic mechanical tools. Here they are-

  • Ratchet set
  • Extension bar
  • Socket set
  • Jack and Jack stands
  • Torque wrench
  • Grease gun
  • Anti-seize lubricant

Step 2: Lift the vehicle

Lift the Jeep JK using a jack and jack stands. Secure it in place so that it won’t move while you are working on the drive shaft. Remember, never work on an unstable vehicle.

Step 3: Disconnect the drive shaft from the flange

Loosen the bolts from the flange using a ratchet and socket set. Once you have removed all the bolts, you can pull off the drive shaft from the flange.

Step 4: Disconnect the drive shaft from the axle

The drive shaft is connected to the axle at its other end. Loosen the bolts from this side as well.

Step 5: Replace the flanges

Before installing the new drive shaft, you should replace the flanges. These are located at both ends of the driveshaft and help in connecting it with other components.

Step 6: Install the new drive shaft

Position the new drive shaft in place and secure it using bolts. Make sure that these bolts are tightly fastened.

Step 7: Secure the connection and adjust the driveshaft as per the requirement

Securely connect the drive shaft with the axle using bolts, and then torque them to ensure a strong connection. After that, adjust the angles of the drive shaft so that it is aligned properly in your Jeep JK’s system.

Step 8: Grease the drive shaft

Once the drive shaft is installed, you should grease it with a grease gun to ensure the smooth functioning of the system.

Step 9: Test run your Jeep JK after replacing the front drive shaft

Start your vehicle and take it for a test drive. Check for any problems and ensure everything is functioning properly before you use your Jeep JK regularly.


Replacing the Jeep JK front drive shaft is expensive, but it shouldn’t be ignored if you see signs of wear. A damaged or inefficient front drive shaft will cause problems like loud noises and vibration while driving and can eventually lead to more serious issues.

If the cost is too high for you to replace the entire drive shaft, consider removing it entirely – it’s better to drive without a front drive shaft than with a bad one. Overall, the best thing is to ask a mechanic for professional advice.

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