Jeep Patriot Catalytic Converter Replacement Cost

Jeep Patriot Catalytic Converter Replacement Cost

It’s no surprise that your Jeep’s catalytic converter can begin to malfunction sometimes and may require a repair or a complete replacement. You just need to be aware of its replacement cost and DIY process in that case.

So how much does the Jeep Patriot catalytic converter replacement cost? The average cost is around $1200. However, its replacement costs range from $900 to $2700. And the catalytic converter spare part costs around $2400 to $2700, with the labor cost of around $165 to $210.

Accordingly, the cost of fixing a new catalytic converter varies according to the type and model of the jeep, as well as the catalytic converter type. Read on as we also discuss other relevant information, its maintenance, and fixings. Let’s dive in.

Catalytic Converter

Signs Of A Defective Catalytic Converter

Several signs can indicate a problem with your Jeep Patriot catalytic converter, they’re discussed below:

Decreased Engine Performance

A clogged or damaged catalytic converter can restrict the free flow in your exhaust. This can lead to a decrease in the overall performance of your jeep/car engine.

Increased Fuel Consumption

A malfunctioning catalytic converter can cause the engine to run inefficiently, resulting in increased fuel consumption.

Illuminated Check Engine Light

A faulty catalytic converter can trigger the check engine light located on the dashboard.

Reduced Power And Acceleration

A damaged catalytic converter can cause the engine to lose power and drastically reduce the acceleration of your Jeep.

Strange Noises

A defective catalytic converter will likely produce a rattling or knocking sound, especially when the vehicle is idling or accelerating.

Black Smoke Or Strange Odours

A damaged catalytic converter may produce black smoke from your exhaust or emit strange/bad odors.

It’s important to note that other issues can also cause these signs. So, it’s always best to have a mechanic diagnose the problem to determine the root cause.

Jeep Patriot Defective Catalytic Converter

Causes Of Jeep Patriot Defective Catalytic Converter

There are several potential causes of a defective catalytic converter:

Long Duration

Your Jeep’s catalytic converter can become less effective over time due to wear and tear. It happens especially because of being regularly subjected to high temperatures and exhaust gases.


catalytic converters can become clogged or damaged if they are exposed to contaminants, such as oil or fuel. This can interfere with their ability to function properly.

Malfunctioning Engine

Problems with your jeep patriot engine, such as misfires or an imbalance in the air-fuel ratio. This can cause excessive exhaust emissions and put additional strain on the catalytic converter, leading to its failure.

Physical Damage

Catalytic converters can be damaged by physical impacts from a collision or from being struck by road bumps and debris.

Poor Maintenance

Neglecting routine maintenance, such as regularly replacing the air filter and spark plugs. This can contribute to the collapse of your vehicle’s catalytic converter.

Jeep Patriot Catalytic Converter Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing/repairing a catalytic converter is conditional on several factors. This includes the type and model of your vehicle, the type of catalytic converter being installed, and the labor costs charged by the expert mechanic.

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $900 to $2,900 or more for a new catalytic converter. And the cost of labor is valued at $150 to $200, while the spare parts cost around $2700. However, the average cost is estimated at around $1200.

Note that the cost of labor can vary according to diagnosis and hardship of repair. Hence, it’s always a good idea to get estimates from multiple repair shops or mechanics to ensure you get the best possible price.

Additionally, if the severity of the damage is low and can be repaired without opting for a replacement, a DIY technique may be adopted. This will reduce the cost of fixing your Jeep’s catalytic converter. But if you’re not familiar with the whole process, ensure to get the services of a professional.

How to Replace/Reinstall The Catalytic Converter?

Here are the steps you can follow to replace/repair your catalytic converter:

Step 1. Detect The Problem

The first step in fixing or replacing your converter is to determine the cause of the problem. This may involve performing a diagnostic test to identify any issues with the converter or other parts of the vehicle’s exhaust system.

Step 2. Gather The Necessary Tools And Supplies

Depending on the extent of the repair, you may need a variety of tools and supplies, including

  • A jack and jack stand
  • Wrench set
  • A torque wrench
  • A new catalytic converter

Step 3. Raise Your Jeep

Raise the jeep off the ground using a jack and jack stands. Make sure the vehicle is securely supported before you begin working on it.

Step 4. Detect The Location

The catalytic converter is found near the front area of your jeep between the engine and the muffler. It is a cylindrical part that is connected to the exhaust pipe with bolts or flanges.

Step 5. Remove The Old Catalytic Converter

You’ll need to loosen and remove the bolts or flanges that hold the converter in place. Then carefully lift it out of the exhaust pipe.

Step 6. Install The New Catalytic Converter

To install the new one, reverse the steps you used to remove the old one. Make sure to tighten all bolts and flanges securely and check for any leaks or issues before starting the vehicle.

Step 7. Test The repair

Once you have finished replacing the catalytic converter, it is very important to test the repair to ensure that it is functioning properly. This may involve driving the vehicle and checking for any issues with performance or emissions.

Note that repairing or replacing the catalytic converter can be a complex and time-consuming task. Hence, it may be best to have a mechanic or professional perform the work if you are not experienced with automotive repair. However, you can follow this video for the DIY process

Maintenance Of The Jeep Patriot Catalytic Converter

Maintaining the jeep patriot catalytic converter is important to ensure it is functioning properly. Here are some tips for maintaining the catalytic converter in a Jeep Patriot:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. That includes regular changes of engine oil and tune-ups. It’ll help prevent any troubles with your jeep’s catalytic converter.
  • Make use of the recommended grade of oil for your vehicle. Using the wrong grade of oil can result in a problematic catalytic converter.
  • Avoid overloading your vehicle. Excess weight can put pressure on the catalytic converter leading to a breakdown.
  • Make use of high-quality gasoline in your jeep patriot. Using gasoline containing a low octane rating or contaminated with impurities can lead to a problematic catalytic converter.
  • Avoid using gasoline containing lead, because it can affect the smooth running of the catalytic converter.
  • Avoid using fuel additives that are not approved by the manufacturer. These additives can spring up some troubles with your jeep’s catalytic converter.
  • Have your jeep/car exhaust system regularly inspected by an expert mechanic to ensure that you have no issues with your catalytic converter.

Final Words

If you speculate any problem with your Jeep Patriot’s catalytic converter, it is important to have it checked by a mechanic at the earliest possible time. They will be able to diagnose the problem and recommend the necessary repairs.

In some cases, it may be necessary to replace/renew the catalytic converter, which can amount to a costly repair. The average cost of replacement and labor costs have been discussed in the article.

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