6 Easy Steps To Replace Jeep Patriot Tail Light Bulbs

Jeep Patriot Tail Light Bulbs

Not every bulb of your Jeep Patriot needs to be checked by a professional when required. Some you can fix yourself following a few easy steps, such as the tail light bulbs.

So, do you know how to replace Jeep Patriot tail light bulbs? By following 6 easy steps, you can replace them. First, start by disconnecting the battery, then the tailgate bulb by removing the bolts. Later, clockwise rotate the build to pull out and replace it. Connect all the nuts to secure it, and then connect the battery.

For details of each step, read on; we will also talk about what causes them to stop working, why you need to replace them, and their replacement cost.

6 Easy Steps Jeep Patriot Tail Light Bulbs Replace

As we have mentioned, it’s an easy task to replace the tail light bulbs, and it won’t take more than 30 minutes. However, before following the steps, make sure you have all this stuff. 

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Hand gloves

Step 1: Park safely and disconnect the battery

First, disconnect the battery, as working with lights and wires can be dangerous due to the chance of collapse.

Step 2: Open the trunk to access the tail light

locate the tail light by opening the trunk in a bright area. They are covered with a pad, so remove them to see the light connection. You will see a panel to remove it using a screwdriver.

Step 3: Remove the bulb holder

Remove the tail light to expose the wires that connect the light bulbs. You need to put the back of the clips holding it. Remove the bulb holder and carefully rotate it clockwise to detach the bulb.

Step 4: Replace the bulb with a new one

Replace the bulb with a new one carefully. Hold it with gloves, and don’t touch the glass portion of the bulb. After replacing, align the taillight with the two holes that hold it.

Step 5: Reinstalling the component.

Reinstall all the bolts and pads reversibly and tighten the bolts to save the housing from cracking.

Step 6: Reconnect Battery

After connecting all the connections, reconnect the battery.

What Causes A Tail Light To Stop Working?

There are many reasons for nonfunctioning the tail light bulbs. For example,

Tail Light Not Working

Burn light bulb

The first thing to consider is burned light bulb. To do this, remove the tailgate cover and unplug the bulls. Now closely observe the filament that illuminates; if it’s broken, you need to replace the bulb.

Socket failure

The light must attach to the socket to catch the power, and the socket can be damaged over time. Poor connection or moisture can damage the socket.

Check the socket condition, as it can be eroded or bent over time. Besides, check the electrical connection with the multimeter; no electricity in the electrical line can be a cause.

Blown tail light fuse

If you find the tail light is not working, scrutinize the fuse. The Thumb Rule for working with a faulty electrical component is to check the fuse first. All the electrical fuses in a vehicle can be found in a box, and their position depends on the vehicle’s model and brand.

You can find them in two positions.

  1. Inside the cabin, you can find them by opening the front passenger side door under the dash, or a plastic panel beneath the dash hides this.
  2. Under the hood is the second shared area. It is a black box with lots of wiring and is covered.

Remove the cover, and find the fuse connected to the tail light. Use a fuse tester to identify if it’s good or not. If it’s not lit up, replace it with the same size fuse.

Bad wiring

If you have tried everything mentioned above, take a deep breath; complicated something is waiting. A damaged or broken electrical line wire can stop the socket’s electrical supply.

In this stage, visually inspect the wire and circuit to find broken or cracked wire. Loose, broken or cracked wire causes the failure of the electrical supply.

Failed Control switch

The control switch can turn on all lights like headlights, tail lights and parking lights. This switch can fail and can be a reason for not turning on the tailgate light.

If all the parts that control the tailgate light are doing fine, this control switch can be problematic. This switch can be pulled out and verified with a multimeter.

Why Do We Need To Change The Tail Light?

Change Tail Light

The unattended broken tail light is risky, and when repairing or replacing your vehicle, be proactive to avoid accidents. Besides safety issues, tail lights enhance the beauty and appeal of the vehicle. Accordingly,

  • It makes your vehicle easy to see in rough weather
  • Replacing new bulb help to assume the size and shape of a vehicle by displaying the rear edge
  • Allow drivers to see in harsh weather
  • To protect your vehicle from being slammed from behind
  • Helpful for assuming the distance between two vehicles
  • It is illegal to drive without a tail light or bad tail light, and it may cost you a fix-it ticket

Types of Tail Lights

There are different types of tail lights available, and customers are demanding different types of tail lights to increase the appeal of your vehicle. So it is available in different colors, sizes and shapes.

The 3 main types are

  1. Halogen tail light
  2. Xenon tail light
  3. LED tail light

LED is the most popular among all durable ones. Halogen lights are commonly used and pre-installed ones. And Xenon got higher intensity.

Why Use LED Tail Lights?

LED Tail Lights

LED taillights have some unique advantages. LED emits a color glittering tiny array of lights, making it easy to see and respond faster than traditional light.

Likewise, they are durable as they last for more than 10 years and are cost-effective. Besides, you can install it without asking for professional help. They are compatible with moisture and humidity.


Check out these frequently asked questions for more information on tail light bulbs.

How much does it cost to replace a Jeep tail light?

The replacement cost of the Jeep Patriot Tail Light Bulb is $11, and the labor cost is $95, which is, in total, $106. But the labor costs may vary depending on your location.

Is the tail light bulb the same as the brake light bulb?

Most vehicles share the same bulb for brake and tail lights, and two filaments are used for two connections. However, some vehicles have two different circuits.


Tail light bulbs are located at a vehicle’s rear end for driving safely, especially at night. They may lose their function on different occasions. Replacing Jeep Patriot Tail Light Bulbs takes a few minutes and involves a straightforward task.

Check all the lights in your Jeep Patriot while replacing the tail light. After replacing it, always keep an eye on it to observe whether it’s working. If you find it complex, it is better to see a mechanic because finding out why it stops working is sometimes challenging.

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