How to Replace Jeep Patriot Turn Signal Bulb (5 Easy Steps)

Jeep Patriot Turn Signal Bulb

A damaged turn signal bulb can be enough to confuse many drivers within a single lane. Besides, it becomes riskier when the vehicle is hugely similar to a Jeep Patriot. Nevertheless, with proper guidance, the solution is very easy.

But how to replace Jeep Patriot turn signal bulb when it’s damaged? There are a few DIY steps to replace this turn signal bulb. However, you just need a few things before you start following the steps, such as a set of new turn signal bulbs and essential tools like a screwdriver, protective gloves, and pliers.

Even though the steps are easy, it still needs to be done carefully. As a proud owner, you must want to know that, right?  Here is a guide developed just for you!

How to Replace Jeep Patriot Turn Signal Bulb

How to Replace Jeep Patriot Turn Signal Bulb? (Step-by-Step)

Considering turn signal bulb damage occurred highly, the jeep patriot has been built with a very easy fix. Follow the steps to replace your vehicle’s turn signal bulbs:

Step 1: Pull Out the Clips Attached to the Rear Lights

Jeep Patriot Tail Lights

In the first step, you must be prepared with a screwdriver and protective gloves. To make the repair easy, the manufacturer has attached easy-to-remove clips near the rear lights. Open your Jeep Patriot’s trunk and you will see the clips attached beside the rear lights.

You will notice two different clips, one on the top and one on the bottom. Pulling out the clips with the screwdriver is the best option. Using pliers might be slightly risky, considering it can damage the clips.

There are two sets of clips, both at the top and bottom. Gently pulling all of the clips will help you to finish Step 1 successfully.

Step 2: Detach the Rear Light

jeep wrangler Rear Light

This step needs to be done gently as rear lights can be delicate. There are two other clips on the other side of the rear lights holding it. You will not need a screwdriver to dissemble the clips, only pull out the rear light gently. If the rubbery portion of the clips comes out, attach it back to your vehicle to be safe. 

This part of the task is slightly risky because there is a chance of wire wreckage. So, you need to be as gentle as you can when you are detaching the rear lights.

Step 3: Identifying the Damaged Turn Signal Bulb

Damaged Turn Signal Bulb

In a Jeep Patriot, there are two different turn signal bulbs on each side. Both bright/headlights have the same procedure for detaching. One is attached to the top of the rear light and the other one is on the bottom. It’s time you identify whether the problem is on the top, bottom, or both headlights.

Then, clean the outer portion of the lights first. When you are done with the cleaning, gently push and twist the light bulbs to pull them out. Do wear your protective gloves while performing this step.

You can identify the damaged light just by looking at it or by blinking the light from the control system of your car. There is a chance that the problem is in both of the bulbs. Therefore, you will need to buy two replacement bulbs. Hence, identify the damaged turn signal bulb first before purchasing the bulb.

Step 4: Detach the Turn Signal Bulb/Bulbs

Now that you have identified the turn signal bulb that is damaged, it is time for the most important part of the procedure. At first, you have to pull out the container of the bulb. It can be easily pulled out with a push and twist.

The bulb should be covered with outer portion rubber, which keeps the bulbs safe. It’s important to push the rubber down before detaching the bulb. After you have pushed the rubbers below, gently twist the bulb to pull it out. Do have your protective gloves on during this step.

Step 5: Replace the Turn Signal Bulbs

turn Signal Bulbs Replace

Now that you have pulled the old bulbs out, finally, it’s time you replace your turn signal bulbs. Gently twist and insert the new bulbs into the same area from where you pulled the old bulbs out.

Now, cover the new bulbs with the outer area rubber for protection. Later on, put on the clips back with the screwdriver or plier and assemble the rear light.

How to Prevent Turn Signal Bulb Damage?

As you know, there can be various reasons behind bulb damage, so it is important to keep them in mind. For example,

  • It’s important to make sure the fixture and light bulb are in excellent contact. But be careful about overtightening; it will damage the connection. When the screw is too tight, it creates a huge problem.
  • Keeping an eye if the bulbs are overheating is another thing to be sure of when you have a new pair of bulbs. The bulb may become overheated if the wattage is greater than that advised for the fixture. So, it is important to be assured of the wattage before making the purchase.
  • The dimmer switch can also be a problem at times. There is a chance that the dimmer switch of your Jeep Patriot is broken, which will result in circuit damage.

Moreover, lights that are typically only on for a brief period, such as those in the bathroom, motion-activated light fixtures, and closets, should be replaced with LED bulbs.


A broken turn signal bulb is not only a matter of safety for your vehicle but also for you and other drivers in your lane. To ensure the safety of everyone on the road, you must know how to replace Jeep Patriot turn signal bulb.

Besides, maintaining and fixing a turn signal bulb is not tough. When it comes to Jeep Patriot, its mechanism and design make the job easier. Identifying the best replacement bulb is also important during the procedure. Overall, the steps are affordable and easy to perform, but they must be done with special care.

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