Jeep Renegade Battery Replacement Cost: Everything You Have To Know About It

Jeep Renegade Battery Replacement

There is no certainty that your Jeep Renegade will last for the rest of your life. At one stage, it’ll blow down, and you have to replace it. Rather than how to fix it quickly, be concerned about the Jeep renegade battery replacement cost.

So how much does the Jeep renegade battery replacement cost anyway? It will be around $200-$250. That’s the cost of the battery. If you get it done by mechanics, you’ll need to spend more than $50 on average for the whole procedure. That counts to nearly $300.

But why spend so much for a simple battery replacement? Let’s cut some costs by knowing the procedure and other stuff. Go deep down the article.

Jeep Renegade Battery Replace

Jeep Renegade Battery Replacement Cost

The battery replacement cost has been increasing daily. You already know about the condition of the prices around the world, it impacts here as well. The ones that used to cost around $170 will now cost you $190-$200 by default.

Nothing much to do here. And how do you determine the price? Of course by the size of the battery. The larger the size of the battery, the more expensive it’ll cost you to repair, fix, replace, or whatever you want. That’s because the Amp hour rating is high with a large battery. So, it’ll cost you more than most other batteries.

But whatever the circumstances are, never forget to go for the correct battery model. For the jeep renegade, we have some recommendations for batteries to go for. They’re well run, tested, reviewed, and opined by their users.

Battery NamePrice
1. Duralast Batteries$200-$250
2. ACDelco Batteries$180-$190
3. Valucraft Battery Series$110-$130
4. Optima Batteries$340-$370
5. EverStart Batteries$120-$170
6. Odyssey Batteries$325-$350
7. Econocraft Batteries$80-$90

You might need to go for additional costs. Like the charger, tray, and other miscellaneous. They can be damaged or broken by any means; you never know.

Just have a good idea of how much they can cost you.

1. Battery Tray$70-$170
2. Battery Cable$50-$130
3. Battery Terminal Protector$10-$15
4. Battery Isolator$40-$90
5. Battery Charger$150-$500

When Is the Right Time to Change Your Jeep Renegade’s Battery?

There are signs you’ll be getting because you just can’t go and change the battery by yourself whenever you want. Also, there is no specific time bound to change the battery.

Besides, it depends on your uses. The more you drive your Renegade, the more battery it’ll use. Ultimately at one stage, you’ll get to face the struggle and want to change the battery.

Here are some of the most common signs you might experience before your battery calls on you to change it:

1. Battery won’t start the vehicle

Car Battery won’t start

Isn’t this the most common thing? Like when your battery is gone, it obviously won’t work. You have to check the battery yourself and decide what to do next.

The more you try to start the car, it’ll be of no use then. It happens since the electrolyte of the battery decreases as per its usage. So, the more you use it, the more electrolyte it loses.

Thus, it restricts your vehicle from starting. And the only solution you got there is to change the battery and get a new one.

2. Electrical issues inside the car

Car Electrical issues

You already know that the battery maintains the flow of electricity to everything inside your car. It can be the display, the radio you listen to, the light you see as a signal, the digital speed meter, and whatnot. Any kind of disturbance or obstruction of the services means your battery is down.

You can take the matter into your hand here. A minor repair might do the job well. Most of the time, it works. Even if you can’t solve the issue, check it with a mechanic.  Getting a new battery could be your last option if all of them fail.

3. Leakage on the battery

How to Test Your Battery Leakage

This is an alarming situation because your battery leaking and flowing the liquid outside is not a good sign. It can be dangerous for your car and other parts inside the car.

Too much corrosion is the reason your battery gets the leak. Why wouldn’t it become so? When you use it more than its limit and give it no rest or maintenance, it has to show such signs.

And when your battery corrodes, you have no option but to replace it.

4. Signalling

A mere signal you might see on your driving screen. “ Batter low” or “charging system error”, is the signal you’ll get over there. As soon as you see it, check out the battery.

It is up to the observation of what you’re going to do next. It can be anything; you can change, fix, repair, etc. But better not to underestimate the signal and take it as a normal one.

How To Remove Jeep Renegade Battery?

Trust us; you don’t have to go through much hassle. The ways are simple; the method is straightforward.

Step 1: Unscrew the negative cable‘s bolt. It will be black. Do it with a screwdriver as per the screw size and shape.

Step 2: Remove the battery cable by yourself. Just pull it out so you don’t break or tear anything down there.

Step 3: In the same way, remove the red cable. It is the positive one. Give a little test to your physique here and untie it.

Step 4: Now, find the clamp of the battery. It is essential, and you must have excellent knowledge about your vehicle to find it. As soon as you find it, remove it with a wrench.

Step 5: You’ll find the battery entirely loosened here. Just pull it out, and you get the battery out of its place. You get to install a new one in the same way reverse. Just be careful with the wirings and fixations.

Precautions to Consider While Changing or Installing Battery in Jeep Renegade

We found many dangerous scenarios while changing and installing the new battery in the jeep renegade. They are dangerous and can be from the battery or the installation process.

Just for your safety, you have some precautions to bear when you are up for the task.

  • Ensure proper, tight, and firm connections of the battery wirings. Electricity passes through it, so don’t just think it is minor.
  • A lot of energy is stored inside the battery. So any kind of mishandling while it is operating, and boom! There can be severe explosions out there.
  • Just for your safety, do a battery check every 3-4 months of using it. You can do that by yourself by observing the condition of the battery.
  • Our tests say that a battery can last for around 5-7 years based on average usage by the citizens of New York. You can expect it to go longer than that, but keep the limit in mind.


Check out these most common queries regarding battery replacement and installation.

How many batteries does Jeep have?

The Jeep got two batteries. One powers the whole vehicle, while the other powers the accessories inside. So, any problem as per the issue can be determined from the respective batteries.

How long do Jeep Renegade Batteries last?

You can say 4-7 years on average. It depends on how you use the vehicle and in what condition you drive it. These factors affect the lifespan of the battery.

What makes your Jeep Renegade’s battery go dead quickly?

If you keep your light and other stuff inside the car on unnecessarily, the battery will drain the power, and hamper itself. So, there are possibilities that the battery will go dead sooner. 

Final Words

Do you worry about the Jeep Renegade battery replacement cost? You should not because you only have to pay for the battery here, not anything else. Besides, you already know how to change and install a new one now.

But one thing again never compromises on the battery model. Get the best one out there that suits your Jeep correctly. Don’t let a little compromise ruin your ease. And for the rest, we got you here

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