Jeep TJ Dash Replacement Cost (Details Explained)

Jeep TJ Dash Replacement

The dashboard harbors all the tools, and controls of your car system, and also, it gives you relevant information or the overall condition of your vehicle. Hence, it is crucial to know when it is damaged and needs replacing. You may be wondering how much it will cost you to replace your Jeep TJ dashboard.

So how much does a Jeep TJ Dash replacement cost? The average cost is estimated at $2000-$2,200. This price will depend on whether you do it yourself or you consult your mechanic.

Read on for more information about the Jeep TJ dashboard replacement cost. We’ll also provide you with other relevant information you’ll need about your Jeep TJ dashboard.

When To Replace Your Jeep TJ Dashboard?

The dashboard has various essential components that help to alert you while driving. Some of these features include the check engine lamp, brake lamp, navigating wheel, etc. When these components are faulty, it can be a total turn-off for your vehicle.

Some very visible signs that can alert you when it’s time to replace or repair your dashboard include:

1. An odd motion on your Jeep’s dashboard due to a loose connection.

Required action: Consult your vehicle repairer to inspect your dashboard & replace it if necessary.

2. A distortion caused by continuous exposure to light or ultraviolet radiation. Park your Jeep in a garage to protect it from light rays.

3. A blasted fuse may cause a dim instrument panel.

Discard the blasted fuse & reinstate a new one to get the lamps functioning again.

4. Flashing Lights which may be caused by a failing vehicle battery or alternator. Consult your mechanic for diagnosis and replacement of the failing part.

5. Non-Functioning Dashboard Gauges like the odometer, speedometer, fuel, battery, tach, oil tension &  temperature.

This is caused by not getting power into the fuse box under the cover, and the fuse that regulates the cluster, or at the 12v behind the radio.

Replace Your Jeep TJ Dashboard

Importance Of Your Jeep TJ Dashboard

Your vehicle dashboard executes numerous vital functions that are beneficial to you. It is where you regulate the air conditioning, handle your vehicle’s execution, or control individual lights. You also find the airbags for both the motorist and the passenger on the dashboard.

Driving Without Your Dashboard

This is possible, though. However, it is unreasonable to navigate your vehicle without the potential to explain what is transpiring in all your vehicle’s main components. For this, you require an arrangement of tools nourished by sensors that move from your dashboard.

Nowadays, your dashboard doesn’t just reveal your velocity, engine revolutions, temperature, oil tension, etc. They further notify you when your tire tensions have lowered when your vehicle is due for service as well as when the climate outdoors may be frosty,

These control networks extend to all components of your vehicle and announce when any situation of importance is occurring. This is so you can make a proper effort to guarantee your vehicle will go on to operate smoothly and safely on every trip.

Vital Strategies For Dashboard Repair

Your dashboard is a sensitive component of your vehicle and requires utmost carefulness. Here are some guidelines to follow for its replacement or repair.

  • Consult an insurance provider & a professional vehicle repairer to inspect your vehicle.
  • Visit a valid collision store, and have them decide if you can fix or replace your dashboard.
  • If your dashboard suddenly gets damaged, install a new dashboard.
  • To secure a reasonable outcome, work with a store that offers lifetime securities

Jeep TJ Dashboard Replacement Cost

Jeep TJ Dashboard Replacement Cost

Having a realistic budget of the general average cost of replacing your Jeep TJ dash before purchase is crucial. This will help you make informed decisions on the procedure that is most suitable for you.

Now the average cost of replacing your dashboard is estimated at $2000-$2,200. The cost of labor will be between $600-$700, while the cost of materials is estimated at $1,400.

Here are some vital points to note about the Jeep TJ dashboard replacement cost.

  • Tariffs are not included in this price range.
  • Your vehicle model or particular region is not considered.
  • Price estimates will fluctuate based on the level of destruction. This is where you decide whether to reinstate the full dashboard or just one of the components.
  • The cost will fluctuate if you decide to DIY or consult an expert mechanic.
  • Your expenses will also fluctuate due to your car category, year of manufacture, dashboard arrangement, replacement preference, choice location & regional servicing price.

For DIY Expenses

If you plan to replace your Jeep TJ dashboard by yourself using cheap plastic dashboard tools, the cost estimate is between  $110-$210. However, if you’re opting for the aluminum alternatives, the cost estimate is between $1000-$1010.

Specific Component Replacement Expenses

Note that if you’re only replacing a specific component of your dashboard, the cost will alter based on the recent rate & repair labor cost. For example, if your Jeep TJ dashboard instrumental collection is the only damaged part, the cost estimate is between $800- $910. And the labor cost for this replacement will range from $75 to $100 maximum.

Jeep TJ Dashboard Removal

If you need guidance in removing and fixing your dashboard, we have got you covered!

Replacement Tools Include:

  • Philips screwdriver
  • One or two small flat screwdrivers
  • 8-inch socket
  • Headlight
  • Covering tape
  • Torx bits set (6-point star-shaped parts screwdriver)
  • Black and silver permanent markers (sharpie)

Jeep TJ Dashboard Removal Steps

Follow the steps below to remove your Dashboard.

Step 1: Loosen the airbag system by detaching the negative battery wire. After 120 seconds, the system will loosen.

Step 2: Remove the dashboard by taking out the steering section.

Step 3: Switch ON the flashlights and touch the entrance to the tip of the flashlight switch. Check for a tiny regulator. Then with the shaft drawn out, press & clasp the switch & bring the shaft out of the switch.

Step 4: Take out the plastic covering surrounding the shaft.

Step 5: With a slant steering wheel, locate the wire connected to the slant switch and detach it. This will make it simple for you to withdraw the electrical connectors from the shaft.

Step 6: You can now begin unbolting it with all the connectors successfully detached from the shaft.

How To Replace Jeep TJ Dashboard? 

Now follow this step-by-step process to replace the Dashboard.

Step 1: Detach the battery.

Step 2: Detach & take out the digital dashboard, steering wheel, etc. Unplug the leftover bolts on the dashboard.

Step 3: Remove the digital dashboard & the tiny fractions from the dashboard.

Step 4: Using a flathead screwdriver, carefully and gently take out the former dashboard.

Step 5: Take out your Jeep tag number to fasten it on the recent dashboard.

Step 6: Carefully and gently place the new dashboard into its exact position.

Step 7: Follow the Jeep TJ removal steps discussed above in a reverse manner to conclude the installation procedure.

Step 8:Attach the plugs to the digital dashboard, and fasten it into its position.

Step 9: Assemble your Jeep’s battery & examine if everything is in the exact position and functioning properly.


The cost of replacing your Jeep TJ dashboard varies according to the severity of the damage, the kind of dashboard you want to install, and the mode of repair you want to adopt. For example, if you’re adopting a DIY method the cost of replacement will be lesser compared to seeking the services of a professional. I believe we have shown you the variation of cost for a DIY and for an expert mechanic.

However, note that your vehicle dashboard is an essential component of your vehicle and needs adequate mechanical comprehension and skill. Hence, it is very reasonable to pay an expert vehicle mechanic to properly fix your dashboard if you don’t possess the required expertise.

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