What Rims Will Fit a Jeep Patriot? Know The Rim Sizes

What Rims Will Fit a Jeep Patriot

The bolt placement and wheel diameter are among the factors to consider to ensure a perfect fit rim on your vehicle. Luckily, jeep stock wheels didn’t change much during their production years.

So what rims will fit a Jeep Patriot? Jeep Patriot stock wheels measure between 16” and 17”. So any fitting rim should be in this range. However, rims from Jeep Liberty 2002 and Jeep Wrangler 2006 can also fit by using spacers. These wheels and others have the PCD of 5×4.5” needed to fit the Jeep Patriot.

Read on to learn more about the rims that can fit Jeep Patriot and know how you can tell the rim sizes.

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What Rims Will Fit a Jeep Patriot?

Jeep Patriots were SUVs in production since 2007 and discontinued in 2018. Their stock wheels ranged between 16” and 17”, and most of the Jeep wheels with that diameter should fit. However, the bolt pattern should also match the A5 X4.5 used in the Jeep.

The following table shows some of the jeeps with five lug nuts and a 4.5″ distance between each nut.

Jeep Patriot Stock Rims
Jeep YearEngine 2.0iEngine 2.4i
20076.5Jx16 ET396.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET39 7Jx17 ET43
20086.5Jx16 ET396.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET39 7Jx17 ET43
20096.5Jx16 ET396.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET39 7Jx17 ET43
20106.5Jx16 ET396.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET39 7Jx17 ET43
20116.5Jx16 ET39 6.5jx17 ET406.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET40  
20126.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET406.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET40  
20136.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET406.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET40  
20146.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET406.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET40  
20156.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET406.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET40  
20166.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET406.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET40  
20176.5Jx16 ET39 6.5jx17 ET406.5Jx16 ET39 6.5Jx17 ET40  

The safest way to get fitting rims is by comparing the new ones to the old ones. However, you can also visit an auto shop with the dimensions to get the matching wheels. Also, you can learn your rim size by observing the numbers and letters on the tire.

How To Read the Tire and Know Your Rim Size?

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Most tires have a combination of letters and numbers on the side. These numbers carry information about your tire as well as the rim. The following section explains the numbers and their meaning.

1. The first letter (P/LT/ST/ or blank) tells the tire class, which for your Jeep Patriot should be P-class for the passenger class. European Metric tires don’t have a number on the start.

2. The three-digit number after the letter tells the tire width in millimeters. For the Jeep Patriot, the width ranges between 205 and 215 millimeters.

3. After the forward slash is the two-digit tire aspect ratio. Most tires that fit the Jeep Patriot have a width ranging between 55 to 70 percent, depending on the model.

4. The single letter after the width is the construction type, and the common one is R for radial tires.

5. The two-digit number after is the wheel diameter in inches, which should guide you when choosing the rim. Stock rims for the Jeep Patriot are 16” and 17.”

6. The two or three-digit number afterward is the load index of the tire, which is the amount of weight it can support. The load index tells the maximum capacity of weight a tire can support and ranges from 65 to 150.

The load index for the Jeep Patriot is between 95 and 99, supporting weights between 1521 – 1709 lbs.

7. The last letter indicates the safe top speed for your tire. Most stock Jeep Patriot wheels are T-rated, which allows a safe top speed of 118 mph (190 Kph)

For example, the stock wheels for the 2007 Jeep Patriot model are 205/70 R16 96T. This means they are European metric tires since they lack the first letter. The tire width is 205, 70% aspect ratio, Radial construction type, and 16” wheel diameter. The load index is 96, allowing the weight of up to 1565 pounds, and they’re T-rated.

How Should I Know That Jeep Patriot Needs New Rims?

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Rims are not only used to provide a solid base to mount the tire, but they also affect the vehicle’s performance. However, if damaged, they can put your life at risk if not fixed on time. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for some drivers to tell when their rims need changing.

The following are some signs that your Jeep Patriot needs new rims soon.

1. Regular deflation

The speed at which your tires deflate can tell if your rim is compromised. Normally, tires lose 1-3 psi per month, and more than this can signify rim damage. Stock wheels on the Jeep Patriot require 35 psi which should take up to three months before being inflated again.

2. Damage to the Rim

If your spot dents on your rims, you should replace them soon with new ones. However, some damages are minor and can easily be fixed through straightening.

3. Handling problems

A damaged rim can interfere with vehicle handling. If your car has become hard to control, you should start by checking the rim condition.

4. Vibrations when steering

A damaged rim causes uneven contact with the ground, causing vibration. If your vehicle is shaking while running on a flat surface, it might be experiencing a rim problem.

Therefore, it’s always advisable to arrest these issues as soon as you notice them. Do not wait until it’s too late to replace your rims. You don’t want to experience blowouts or dangerous mechanical issues.  

What To Consider When Fitting Your Jeep Patriot New Rims

There are various things to take into consideration when installing new rims. This is to guarantee that the new rims fit perfectly with fewer chances of failure. The following list contains some of the things to consider.

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1. Rim and Wheel Dimension

The rim dimension should match the interior diameter of the tire on which you’re installing them. If either is larger or smaller than needed, they will mismatch. The dimension on the stock rim is 16” and 17”, and wheels of that diameter can fit on stock wheels.

2. Bolt Pattern

The bolt pattern measures the imaginary circle formed by the lugs on the car rims. Jeep Patriot has a pitch circle diameter (PCD) of 5X114.3 (5X4.5”), meaning it has five lugs that are 4.5” apart. So, for the new rim to match the axle, it should have the same PCD.

3. Rim weight

While steel rims are more durable than alloy rims, they carry more weight. If the wheels are too heavy, the extra weight can impact the vehicle’s performance and strain the absorbers. Consider installing Alloy wheels which are lighter and stronger than steel.

4. Rim width

Rim width is crucial when choosing a rim to fit on your Jeep. Unlike in the past when tires used to have tubes, modern tubeless tires must fit the wheel to work well. The rim width for Jeep Patriot, like the 2017 model, is 6.5″, which should be installed on the compatible tire.

Common Mistakes When Fitting Jeep New Rims

While some people prefer fitting to be done by professionals, some favor installing them at home. Though any choice is okay, home installation can create chances for mistakes. Some of the common mistakes you can make when fitting the new rims include:

Using Unfitting Wheels

When replacing the wheels, you must get the measurements right. One common mistake is trying to fit wheels that the PCD doesn’t match. To match the axle, the new rim should have five lugs that are 4.5″ apart.  However, by using wheel adapters, you can use rims with different PCDs.

Deviating from the offset

It’s the rule of thumb not to deviate too far from the offset of your stork wheels. The wrong offset could cause problems with suspension brakes and other parts.

Accordingly, the rims can also rub on the fenders and damage them if they have a negative offset. Stock wheels’ offset on the Jeep Patriots ranges between 39 and 40mm.

Using the wrong Lug nuts

Most aftermarket wheels don’t use the same lug nuts as the stock wheel. Attempting to fit the wheel with them can result in the wheel rattling off the car. Use the lug nuts that you buy with the new rim.

Not Fastening with The Required Torque

Like most nuts in the vehicle, wheel nuts should be fastened to the correct torque. The Jeep Patriot requires 135 Nm torque, which can be achieved using a torque wrench. Over-torquing can damage the nut and other parts, like the brake drums, causing the wheel to shake.


Whether you’re replacing the stock rims because they’re unappealing or damaged, you should replace them with fitting rims. Jeep Patriot has numerous rims that can fit on them, especially those from the Jeep brand.

However, you can also fit other wheels of your choice, if they match your vehicle requirements. You can learn your vehicle fitting information by observing the numbers and letters on the wheels. 

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